Knowledge Base Editor's Checklist

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This checklist is intended initially to guide updates and edits to KB articles migrated from the wiki to the Community Platform (Lithium). It may also be useful for general editing beyond that.

  1. Ensure all videos are special Lithium-formatted references to YouTube videos, NOT directly embedded using the <embed> tag. See for all public YouTube videos.
    • Ensure video size and alignment are appropriate.
  2. Ensure all images are either:
    • Uploaded to Lithium.
    • On the wiki (either regular images with "cloudfront" URL or thumbnails with S3 URL)
  3. Ensure image size and alignment are appropriate.
  4. Check all links
    • Replace links to wiki that redirect back to Lithium with Lithium URL (avoid roundtrip).
    • Ensure that section anchors are preserved.
    • Check TOC links
  5. Ensure article follows the KB Style Guide.