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An avatar, as the simulator sees it.

A value that represents a simulator setting or function parameter, usually boolean. Some flags are stored in bit fields, others are accessed with separate variables.

An object that is not affected by gravity, collisions or LSL physics functions, but other objects and avatars can still collide with it. Scripts in a nonphysical object can detect collisions (unless it is phantom). Set with the object editor or llSetStatus.

An object that lets other objects and avatars pass through without colliding. It can collide with the ground and detect land collisions. Set with the object editor or llSetStatus.

An object that can interact fully with the physics engine. It can be moved by collisions from avatars and other objects, gravity, grabs from the viewer, and LSL physics functions. Set with the object editor or llSetStatus.

script owner
Shorthand for the owner of the object containing the script using the functionality being discussed. This term does not apply to copyright.

A temporary or temp-on-rez object is deleted and not returned after about a minute inworld. It will not be deleted if it is attached to an avatar. If avatars sit on a temporary object, it will stay rezzed until they all stand.

volume detect
A special kind of phantom object. It does not collide with the ground or other objects, but scripts in it will detect collisions when other objects pass through. If it is also physical, it can drop through the ground and go off world. Set with llVolumeDetect.