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Who is Giuseppe Macario

Giuseppe Macario (Rome, 1981), PhD, Oracle Certified Professional, is an Italian college professor, entrepreneur, and author. His last book about Second Life can be requested at the Library of Congress in the US.

Studies: Princeton University (PhD), MIT.

Current locations: United States, Italy, the Caribbean.


Second Life and 3D virtual worlds

He carried out the first Italian experiment of social entrepreneurship in Second Life. The experiment, supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, focused on the fields of virtual economies and networking, making use of a number of techniques to exploit Oracle technologies in agriculture by means of simulations carried out in virtual worlds. The experiment also examined important aspects of computational advertising in Italy and algorithmic techniques related to machine-learned ranking systems for Italy-based search engines.

Macario remains the first and only Italian computer programmer to set two world records by solving problems of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. One of the problems was the only one not solved by Harvard University, that is to say the team that was going to become the world champion in the same year.[1]

His strong background in programming, in conjunction with an eclectic approach to humanities (languages, literature, journalism, communications, cinema), allowed him to maintain high standards of excellence and pursue long-term strategic goals while firmly believing in the tremendous intrinsic potential of virtual worlds.

In Second Life Giuseppe Macario also established a bilingual Italian/English independent news agency, whose areas of interest include freedom of speech in Italy and the preservation of Italy's artistic and natural heritage. Furthermore, the agency used to translate Reuters Second Life bureau's news into Italian. Its LSL news feed was used by people from all over the world with the goal of better understanding the Italian culture and language.

Giuseppe Macario strengthened his ties with the Second Life community by volunteering as a senior mentor in Italian regions and wrote the first book in Italian about Second Life and the applications of 3D virtual worlds, advocating a collaborative approach with the adoption of a Creative Commons license.

Featured paper

The Cultural Office of the US Mission to Italy develops and manages an array of exchange programs between various segments of Italian and American society, and administers United States government involvement in cultural and educational activities between Italy and the United States. This is where Macario presented the research paper Virtual worlds: Theoretical perspectives and research methods.

Algorithmics and cybersecurity

He is proud to work with

  • University of the People, Pasadena (California), where he teaches computer science[2]
  • Sapienza University of Rome

and is founder and owner of the Italian startup Vega — cybersecurity & privacy, serving customers from all over the world and providing services for individuals as well as companies in order to set up or strengthen their information security practices, data integrity and privacy protection.

Big data analytics

Giuseppe Macario has extensive experience in designing, executing and reporting solutions for problems involving large scale data warehousing and real-time analytics. By creating intuitive architectures, he helps organizations effectively analyze and process terabytes of unstructured and structured data.

Engagement in international NGOs

Giuseppe Macario works on international partnership and program design for his nonprofit social enterprise founded on the belief that technology can be a powerful enabler for greater social change. He has helped NGOs get started with design thinking in places such as Rome, Singapore and Wellington. In the past, he has helped build an Italian environmental social venture from the ground floor and helped foster use of technology by a local government to better connect residents to services and public decisions.

Giuseppe Macario is also a founding member of the international nongovernmental organization Free Flights to Italy.



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