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Linden Lab incorporates technology from Havok into the Second Life Viewer to provide certain advanced features. In order to enable Third Party Viewers to provide those features, Linden Lab has obtained the right to sublicense this Havok technology to Third Party Viewers.

If you are interested, contact Vir Linden.


The technology is provided in the form of an autobuild package 'llphysicsextensions_tpv' containing header files and the required library. This does not directly expose the Havok APIs, but a set of higher level interfaces specific to the viewer. Sources for the wrapper itself are not open source. The llphysicsextensions_tpv package includes all features that use Havok (currently convex decomposition and features related to navigation mesh for pathfinding).

A stub version of the llphysicsextensions package is also available in source form.


In order to be eligible to obtain a Havok sublicense, a TPV project must:

  1. Be listed in the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer Directory
  2. Be using open source licensing that permits linking with closed source components
  3. Be substantially based on current code from Linden Lab in all the areas related to the features that use Havok
  4. Have a demonstrated track record of proactively contributing fixes to Linden Lab for problems found in our code
  5. Have a demonstrated track record of contributing TPV-developed features when requested by Linden Lab, and porting them to our code base
  6. Be primarily focused on Second Life as a target market, and have a significant base of users within Second Life

The responsible Third Party Viewer developer must execute the Havok Sublicense and abide by its terms.