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Do you want to find something specific in the Issue Tracker, or or scan to see if your bug's been reported by someone else?

Issue Tracker searching can be frustrating, but it gets easier if you know how to use search parameters.

Official Atlassian Instructions

Quick JIRA Search How To

  • think some words (at least 2; 3 or 4 can work better) which reasonably can be present in the hypothetical title of the JIRA you're looking for;
  • write those words in the "Quick Search" form, which is in the upper-right corner of any JIRA page, adding a '+' before each word
  • getting too many results? on the results page, look on the left side for the "Query" form. "Comments" and "Description" checkboxes are enabled by default. Disable "Comments" checkbox and try again. If you still get too many results, disable "Description" checkbox too.
  • if you don't get any results, or results don't match what you're looking for, change your keywords and retry


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