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Command to open up a second communication channel to undocumented features of the object containing the relay.
Simply opens up a new listener on the given channel for the specified period of time (indefinitely if no time is specified)
(channel) = the channel to be opened up by the relay
(time) = the length of time to keep the channel open
Opens up a listener on channel 1234 for one minute '!x-listen/1234/60'
opens up a listener on channel -56789 indefinitely '!x-listen/-56789'

There are many instances where a relay is embedded in a bigger device (e.g., the Think Kink PBA, collars, and the Cool HUD). These devices often need additional listeners, and might even need listeners for short periods of time to listen to some external object. Of course, it would be simple for the devices to always listen on the specified channel, but that would add to lag which is a big enough problem as it is. The goal here is to allow the device to use the relay channel (to which the person should always be listening) to open up the additional listener as needed, cutting down on overall lag as the second listener is only open as needed.

It should be the responsibility of the bigger device and not the relay to shut the channel down.