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Transcript of Benjamin Linden's office hours:

[15:02] Benjamin Linden: hi folks
[15:02] Jacek Antonelli: hey Ben!
[15:02] Kippie Friedkin: Hi Ben
[15:02] Benjamin Linden: wow malbers, you've changed
[15:03] Malbers Linden: just trying out an av i picked up a couple hours ago
[15:03] Jacek Antonelli: Steampunk for the win
[15:03] Malbers Linden: I'll be my jelly-licious self in no time
[15:03] Benjamin Linden: lol
[15:03] Benjamin Linden: ok I guess I need to set up this project thingy
[15:03] Benjamin Linden: oh jeeze it's huge
[15:03] Jacek Antonelli: Hey Stephany :)
[15:03] Kippie Friedkin: Yeah...sorry :\
[15:03] haon Arado: lol
[15:03] haon Arado: hey steph and tnk
[15:04] haon Arado: tink*
[15:04] Jacek Antonelli: We can put it on the roof, lol
[15:04] Tinker Toll: Hey all!
[15:04] Stephany Linden: / hi everyone
[15:04] Jacek Antonelli: Hi Tinker!
[15:04] haon Arado: hey benjamin; u came when i was getting a drink :)
[15:04] Phlojo Gears: hello
[15:04] Kippie Friedkin: Hi Stephany
[15:05] Roof Doors: Phlojo Gears is at the door.
[15:05] Benjamin Linden: Hi Haon
[15:05] Jacek Antonelli: Wow, cool gear, Tinker! <3 utility belts
[15:05] Tinker Toll: :-) Thanks!!
[15:05] Tinker Toll: me too!
[15:06] Kippie Friedkin: Cool...It looks like I can control that screen from my HUD too
[15:06] Benjamin Linden: oh good
[15:06] Phlojo Gears: right on
[15:06] Kippie Friedkin: hehe..thought that might help :)
[15:07] Benjamin Linden: is this an ok position for everyone?
[15:07] Phlojo Gears: looks good to me
[15:07] Malbers Linden: cool
[15:07] Benjamin Linden: has anyone seen squirrel lately?
[15:07] Jacek Antonelli: Hmm, no :(
[15:07] Benjamin Linden: hmm
[15:08] Benjamin Linden: ok well let's get started!
[15:08] Benjamin Linden: Kippie did you want to walk through these for the residents?
[15:08] Kippie Friedkin: I'd be happy to!
[15:08] Benjamin Linden: Mudflap, there's room on the couch next to me
[15:08] Kippie Friedkin: Thanks for coming everyone. As you may have heard, we're going to review the progress on the Landmarks & Navigation project today.
[15:09] Mudflap Mighty: Thanks Ben
[15:09] Jacek Antonelli: Yay :)
[15:09] Kippie Friedkin: The team has been working on wireframes and designs for the proposed enhancements.
[15:10] Kippie Friedkin: We've been receiving some very helpful feedback from members of sl-dev....and we wanted to show some updated revisions today and get some feedback as well.
[15:10] Kippie Friedkin: With that, I'll turn this over to Phlojo.
[15:10] Jacek Antonelli: cool
[15:10] Kippie Friedkin: He's the design lead on our project and will walk us through the wireframes and designs
[15:10] Kippie Friedkin: Take it away, Phlo! :)
[15:11] Phlojo Gears: Hello everyone, i'm not the fastest typist in the world and not the best speller either
[15:11] Phlojo Gears: with that being said... here I go
[15:11] Malbers Linden: so, you are like the rest of us -- perfect
[15:11] Benjamin Linden: heh
[15:11] Phlojo Gears: first we are going to take a look at the wireframe docs for the landmark management
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: there are two solutions that we put together
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: Solution 1 is for a Unified Floaters scenario
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: and Solution 2 - for a Seprated floaters
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: so let's go through solution 1
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: if we can go to the next page
[15:12] Phlojo Gears: here we go
[15:13] Phlojo Gears: so here we are calling out the Landmarks main menu
[15:13] Phlojo Gears: which will be located in the main menu area
[15:13] Phlojo Gears: clicking on a landmark listed there will immediatedly atempt a telport
[15:14] Phlojo Gears: as far as creating a landmark, the Create Landmark menu item would be selected
[15:14] Phlojo Gears: labeled 2 in thsi pdf page
[15:14] Phlojo Gears: that wil bring up the Create Landmark floater
[15:14] Jacek Antonelli nods
[15:15] Phlojo Gears: this floater not only shows up when Create Landmark is selected from the main nav
[15:15] Phlojo Gears: but also anytime a Landmark is recieved, from another resident let's say
[15:15] Jacek Antonelli: neat :)
[15:16] Phlojo Gears: that way this floater beccomes the 'gateway' in the create landmark user flow
[15:16] Phlojo Gears: as u can see on this massive projector screen...
[15:16] Phlojo Gears: there are a number of editable fields
[15:16] Phlojo Gears: such as: Name of the landmark
[15:16] Phlojo Gears: and the Notes
[15:17] Phlojo Gears: we are also including a Description area
[15:17] Ellla McMahon: I apologize ... sorry for bring in front of your screen :(
[15:17] Kippie Friedkin: No worries, Ella :)
[15:17] Phlojo Gears: which is not editable and it is set by the land owner
[15:17] haon Arado: no worries :) u weren't blocking it
[15:17] Ellla McMahon: :)
[15:18] Kippie Friedkin: This is big enough it can probably seen a few regions over ;)
[15:18] haon Arado: haha
[15:18] Ellla McMahon: LOL
[15:18] Phlojo Gears: this flaoter will give the user the ability to create this landmark at the root level of the landmarks folder structure
[15:18] Benjamin Linden: lol Kippie
[15:18] Phlojo Gears: or select a specific folder
[15:18] Phlojo Gears: vai the "create in" pull down
[15:19] Phlojo Gears: additionaly, the user will have the ability to create a new folder
[15:19] Phlojo Gears: and that is represented by the schematic/flow which are highlited by the fancy red arrows
[15:19] Benjamin Linden: Phlojo, remind me to ask a question about the receive landmarks work flow
[15:19] Phlojo Gears: will
[15:20] Phlojo Gears: wil do
[15:20] Phlojo Gears: i am not sure if u guys have seen an earlier itteration of this floater
[15:20] Jacek Antonelli: nope
[15:20] Phlojo Gears: but we did our best to clean it up and organize it better
[15:21] Jacek Antonelli: Good stuff there :)
[15:21] Phlojo Gears: further more, we are going to explor the posibility of combining the description and notes into a tabbed solution
[15:21] Phlojo Gears: to save even more realestate
[15:21] Phlojo Gears: any questions on this page?
[15:21] Jacek Antonelli shakes her head, no.
[15:22] Phlojo Gears: awsome, everyone is happy :)
[15:22] Benjamin Linden: lol sweet
[15:22] Benjamin Linden: ship it!
[15:22] Phlojo Gears: on to the next page then
[15:22] Jacek Antonelli: hahaha
[15:22] Kippie Friedkin: yay!
[15:22] Kippie Friedkin: lol
[15:22] Benjamin Linden: actually before we move on
[15:22] Benjamin Linden: should we talk about the receive landmarks sequence?
[15:22] Phlojo Gears: this page accounts for how the Manage landmarks floater is being acessed
[15:22] Kippie Friedkin: Yes, good idea
[15:22] Phlojo Gears: ok, yeah, let's do that
[15:23] Benjamin Linden: can you describe how you imagined that working?
[15:23] Phlojo Gears: yes
[15:24] Phlojo Gears: in a nuttshel after a resident accepts a landmark, this flaoter will pop up
[15:24] Phlojo Gears: if they do nothing other then click save, the recieved landmark will be by default placed n a Received Landmarks folder
[15:24] Phlojo Gears: but they do have the opportuniyt of placing it elsewhere via the Create in pull down
[15:25] Phlojo Gears: and the New folder workflow
[15:25] Benjamin Linden: what if they hit cancel?
[15:25] Benjamin Linden: is it already in their inventory at that point?
[15:25] haon Arado: is it possible to have a drag and drop option from the landmark pulldown
[15:26] Jacek Antonelli: I'd expect it to go to trash, I think? If I recall correctly, that's what happens when you decline inventory offers now
[15:26] Phlojo Gears: if they accepted the landmark, and they hit cancel... it should probably go to trash
[15:26] Kippie Friedkin: Hi Adam
[15:26] Benjamin Linden: well what Phlojo is describing is you would have already hit Accept
[15:26] Benjamin Linden: then this window appears
[15:26] Jacek Antonelli: Oh. Hm.
[15:26] Kippie Friedkin: Right..that's the only way this floater would appear.
[15:26] Benjamin Linden: so then the question is, what does OK and Cancel do
[15:26] Phlojo Gears: and then if u hit cancel, it could still be moved to trash
[15:27] Jacek Antonelli: Yeah. Sort of a "Hmm, I guess I don't really want this after all" sort of deal?
[15:27] Phlojo Gears: right
[15:27] Kippie Friedkin: Hmmm
[15:27] Benjamin Linden: right, which we sort of do with Notecards
[15:27] Benjamin Linden: there are a couple of settings in Preferences you guys should explore
[15:27] Benjamin Linden: under Popups
[15:28] Benjamin Linden: that determine if the accepted content displays immediately or not
[15:28] Benjamin Linden: or auto-accepts
[15:28] Phlojo Gears: ok
[15:28] Jacek Antonelli: One thing, while I'm thinking of it -- the floater is pretty big right now, and I probably wouldn't need to edit every single landmark I get...
[15:28] Jacek Antonelli: so what if there's a smaller version, where you can just change the name and the folder it goes in, but then you can click a "More >>" button to expand it and enter more
[15:29] Phlojo Gears: that is an interesting idea
[15:29] Benjamin Linden: one thing I'd thought about is if there would be a way to select the folder in the blue pop-up notice
[15:29] Benjamin Linden: so as part of saying "accept" you also set the folder
[15:29] Kippie Friedkin: Would that bypass the Create Landmark floater?
[15:29] Kippie Friedkin: and just go straight to the folder you select in the notify window?
[15:29] Benjamin Linden: then if you wanted to turn off the "auto view" option you wouldn't need to see the create landmark folder
[15:30] Kippie Friedkin: Got it.
[15:30] Benjamin Linden: I'm not sure how feasible/desirable that is
[15:30] Phlojo Gears: for consistency purposes, i wold incline towards guiding the users towards this floater
[15:30] Phlojo Gears: any time a new landmark is to be added to their landmarks/inventory
[15:31] Jacek Antonelli: I'm hesitant. The blue notify window is.. well, it's not for doing that, hehe. That would seem a bit out of place
[15:31] haon Arado: the create landmark floater would work fine for excepting a new landmark it is being creating into your inventory or menu and it gives you customization no need to make it more complicated
[15:31] Stephany Linden: / good point haon
[15:31] Benjamin Linden: ok sounds good
[15:31] Benjamin Linden: I'm convinced!
[15:32] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:32] Phlojo Gears: :)
[15:32] Benjamin Linden: the only thing that's a little strange...
[15:32] Benjamin Linden: is that someone "gives" you a landmark
[15:32] Benjamin Linden: but then you get a "create landmark" window
[15:32] Phlojo Gears: we bounced arond the idea of naming this window Add landmark
[15:32] Jacek Antonelli: Ah, yeah
[15:32] Phlojo Gears: so maybe that is a better name
[15:33] Phlojo Gears: that answer both situations
[15:33] Benjamin Linden: ok
[15:33] haon Arado: its been given to u but since its copied it is still going to be created into your folder
[15:33] Jacek Antonelli: Good solution
[15:33] haon Arado: i also like the add landmark more
[15:33] Phlojo Gears: is Ben convinced ? :) on "add landmark"
[15:34] Jacek Antonelli: Or even "Edit Landmark". Hrmm... does this floater come up when you edit the landmark later?
[15:34] Phlojo Gears: a similar one does
[15:34] Benjamin Linden: yes Add Landmark is fine
[15:34] Jacek Antonelli: ok
[15:34] Phlojo Gears: a few pages down
[15:34] Jacek Antonelli: Got it :)
[15:34] Benjamin Linden: ok thanks for walking us through that
[15:34] Phlojo Gears: np
[15:35] Phlojo Gears: shall i continue?
[15:35] Jacek Antonelli: yes, please :)
[15:35] Phlojo Gears: right under the Create Landmark (now Add Landmark) menu item
[15:35] Phlojo Gears: the user will be very pleased to see a menu entry for Manage Landmarks
[15:36] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:36] Phlojo Gears: or so we hope :)
[15:36] Phlojo Gears: which takes us to the next page of the pdf
[15:36] Jacek Antonelli: Manage landmarks sounds good to me... goodness knows my landmarks could use some management!
[15:36] Phlojo Gears: alright
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: as u can probably notice, the area to the right
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: is very similar to the Add Landmakr floater
[15:37] Jacek Antonelli: Aha
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: the only exception being the Crate in pull down
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: to the left
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: the folder list
[15:37] Phlojo Gears: with landamarks is also visible
[15:38] Phlojo Gears: so by double clicking on a landmark, a telport happens
[15:38] Phlojo Gears: single clicking would load the details of that landmakr into the grayed out area
[15:38] Phlojo Gears: now here is something that I would love some feedback on...
[15:39] Phlojo Gears: internally, we are a little thorn between:
[15:39] Phlojo Gears: 1. showing the right area as a grayed out area, before a landmark is selected - this would happen when the floater is first opened up
[15:39] Phlojo Gears: and
[15:39] Phlojo Gears: 2. potentially showing the first landmark in the list as preloaded
[15:39] Phlojo Gears: or the last landmark visited
[15:40] haon Arado: it would make the teleport to last location button less used
[15:41] Jacek Antonelli: I think I'd expect it to be grayed out / nothing selected the first time I open it each SL session, but have it remember the last landmark I had selected, when opening it later that session
[15:41] Benjamin Linden: which button, Haon?
[15:41] Benjamin Linden: I agree Jacek
[15:41] Phlojo Gears: Jacek, i like that idea
[15:41] haon Arado: acquired last teleport
[15:41] Benjamin Linden: where is that button Haon?
[15:41] Phlojo Gears: that way only once, ever, is this form ever grayed
[15:42] haon Arado: bottom left
[15:42] Benjamin Linden: well probably only once per session
[15:42] Phlojo Gears: yeah, that is probably more accurate
[15:42] Kippie Friedkin: I like that a lot
[15:42] haon Arado: if the landmark editor opened your last location that button would not have a use
[15:42] Phlojo Gears: how about displaying the last landmark recieved as preselected?
[15:43] haon Arado: make it an opition?
[15:43] Phlojo Gears: yeah
[15:43] Phlojo Gears: could work
[15:43] haon Arado: i like that idea
[15:44] Phlojo Gears: lets move on to the next pdf page
[15:44] Benjamin Linden: mmm
[15:44] Jacek Antonelli: Hrmm. Selecting it would be handy if I'm going to be editing it right away. But if I've just edited / filed it, does it need to be selected? *thinks*
[15:44] Phlojo Gears: shows the same floater
[15:44] Phlojo Gears: not grayed out
[15:44] Benjamin Linden: I'm not a big fan of the auto select idea
[15:44] haon Arado: landmark editor leave blank or acquire previous landmark on initalzation
[15:45] Kippie Friedkin: It seems like it will never be what anyway
[15:45] Kippie Friedkin: what you want, rather
[15:45] Benjamin Linden: right
[15:45] Phlojo Gears: Ben, I am not a huge fan either, but i keep being overuled... everyone else does
[15:45] Phlojo Gears: i dont typcally like it when a computer is trying to be smarter then me, and "anticipate" my next move
[15:45] Benjamin Linden: right
[15:45] Jacek Antonelli: Inventory selects the last item you received... but inventory is kinda different, because when you receive an item / clothes, often you want to rez it or try it on right away, and you can only do that by finding it in inventory (which can be tedious)
[15:46] Benjamin Linden: let's get to the second option
[15:46] Benjamin Linden: the split windows
[15:46] Phlojo Gears: ok
[15:46] Benjamin Linden: so we can get some feedback on that
[15:46] Phlojo Gears: second pdf doc Kippie
[15:46] Phlojo Gears: page 5
[15:46] Phlojo Gears: the first pages are identical to the other pdf
[15:47] Kippie Friedkin: on my way there
[15:47] Phlojo Gears: but this is where the solution differs
[15:47] Phlojo Gears: so in this instance
[15:47] Phlojo Gears: the folder floater
[15:47] Phlojo Gears: is separated from the edit landmark area
[15:47] Phlojo Gears: and in this scenario
[15:47] Jacek Antonelli: aha
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: multiple landmarks can be opened at the same time
[15:48] haon Arado: that seems to make more sense
[15:48] Jacek Antonelli: yes, this way seems better
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: mutiple edit landmark floaters tat is
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: one thing to keep in mind tho
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: is that a single click
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: to load the landmark details
[15:48] Phlojo Gears: will not work anymore
[15:49] Phlojo Gears: as that would result in many, many edit landmark windows being opened by mistake
[15:49] Phlojo Gears: so we included a little edit icon next to each landmark
[15:49] Phlojo Gears: and we are also exploring the idea of having and edit button
[15:49] Jacek Antonelli: Hmm. I was thinking that double clicking would edit the landmark, not teleport
[15:49] haon Arado: double click is already used to teleport
[15:49] Phlojo Gears: in between new folder and delete
[15:50] haon Arado: or u could have right click
[15:50] Phlojo Gears: as opposed to an edit icon next to each landmark
[15:50] haon Arado: lil drop down menu
[15:50] Jacek Antonelli: Yeah, I guess Right Click > Edit would be good
[15:50] Phlojo Gears: right click will exist
[15:50] Jacek Antonelli: and consistent with the inventory
[15:50] Jacek Antonelli: I'm not a fan of the edit button :\
[15:50] Phlojo Gears: but it needs to be a little more discoverable, so we're looking for a more obvious way
[15:50] Phlojo Gears: for the novice users etc
[15:50] Jacek Antonelli: hrmm
[15:51] Phlojo Gears: do u favor a little edit icon next to each landmark vs an edit button at the bottom?
[15:51] haon Arado: no
[15:51] Jacek Antonelli: I was just going to say, an edit button down next to the Delete one, hehe
[15:51] haon Arado: to easy to click by mistake
[15:52] haon Arado: both of them
[15:52] Jacek Antonelli: Having a button next to every landmark would be quite busy o_O
[15:52] Phlojo Gears: yes
[15:52] Phlojo Gears: that is true
[15:52] Malbers Linden: one button on the bottom is very standard rich UI design whereas an icon next to each entry is very Web-ish
[15:52] Phlojo Gears: but it wold allow one click access to the landmark details
[15:52] Phlojo Gears: one shared edit button at the bottom
[15:52] Phlojo Gears: rsults in a cleaner ui
[15:53] Phlojo Gears: but requires 2 clicks for each landmark to be opened
[15:53] Phlojo Gears: so there are pros and cons
[15:53] Jacek Antonelli: I don't think 2 clicks is a problem
[15:53] Phlojo Gears: for both
[15:53] Malbers Linden: as always
[15:53] Malbers Linden: tradeoffs
[15:53] Phlojo Gears: :) fair enough
[15:54] Jacek Antonelli: I mean... I have trouble imagining a situation where I would need really fast access to tons of landmark details
[15:54] Kippie Friedkin: Good point.
[15:54] Benjamin Linden: that's good feedback Jacek
[15:54] Phlojo Gears: yeah
[15:54] Malbers Linden: yeah -- the more common use case is to TP not to edit details
[15:54] Benjamin Linden: is there some high-level detail that would give you more context?
[15:54] Benjamin Linden: like the region/parcel name?
[15:54] Phlojo Gears: so, with that being said - edit button probably is it
[15:55] Phlojo Gears: Show on Map icon does that
[15:55] haon Arado: having it as a right click i think is very novice friendly and it would eliminate either edit buttons
[15:55] Benjamin Linden: right-click menus are hard for some users, Haon
[15:55] Phlojo Gears: i think... re Show on Map
[15:55] Jacek Antonelli: I think the edit button is good to have... if only to appease the Mac users ;) *grin*
[15:56] Benjamin Linden: less discoverable
[15:56] Benjamin Linden: right and bad for mac users
[15:56] Kippie Friedkin: lol...hey now
[15:56] Tinker Toll: guys, this page has not yet rezzed for me, can erybody else see it ok?
[15:56] Jacek Antonelli: hehehe
[15:56] haon Arado: :D good point jacek
[15:56] Benjamin Linden: yes, I can see it Tinker
[15:56] Phlojo Gears: same here
[15:56] Adam Marker feels .... slightly appeased
[15:56] Benjamin Linden: maybe try zooming in on it?
[15:56] Phlojo Gears: maybe u need a mac :P
[15:57] Jacek Antonelli: An "Edit" button isn't that expensive, anyway. In terms of real estate
[15:57] Phlojo Gears: that is true
[15:57] Jacek Antonelli: Okay, shall we move along? Almost out of time :O
[15:57] Phlojo Gears: yes
[15:57] haon Arado: yup
[15:57] Phlojo Gears: next pdf page please
[15:57] Phlojo Gears: just for one sec
[15:58] Phlojo Gears: u will see, on the next page, the right click menu
[15:58] Phlojo Gears: and also, the above mentioned "Show on Map" and "Copy SLURL" icons
[15:59] haon Arado: i like the idea of having the edit but plus the right click
[15:59] haon Arado: button*
[15:59] Jacek Antonelli: (A small comment... the one-letter buttons, like E, m, s... I was confused what they meant, so I'm hoping they're just stand-ins for the full text description)
[15:59] Phlojo Gears: yeah, they are
[15:59] Kippie Friedkin: Yes, they will most likely be icons.
[15:59] Benjamin Linden: they will be icons
[15:59] Jacek Antonelli: cool
[15:59] Jacek Antonelli: sounds good
[16:00] Phlojo Gears: and they will be repositioned to fit next to the area info
[16:00] Phlojo Gears: and traffic
[16:00] Phlojo Gears: not next to the editable name text field
[16:00] Jacek Antonelli: great
[16:00] Jacek Antonelli: The right-click menu looks good, as well
[16:01] Jacek Antonelli: Copy SLURL +1 :D
[16:01] Kippie Friedkin: ;-)
[16:01] Phlojo Gears: shall we stop here, continue the wireframe discussions, or move on to the nav bar designs?
[16:01] Phlojo Gears: i am fine either way
[16:01] haon Arado: me too
[16:01] Benjamin Linden: I actually need to run but please continue. If someone would send me the transcript I'd appreciate it.
[16:01] Kippie Friedkin: Sure thing.
[16:01] Benjamin Linden: thanks Kippie!
[16:01] Kippie Friedkin: I'm fine to continue as well.
[16:02] Kippie Friedkin: a pleasure, Ben :)
[16:02] Jacek Antonelli: yes, let's continue :D
[16:02] Phlojo Gears: ok
[16:02] Phlojo Gears: before we do so
[16:02] Malbers Linden: i gotta run too. talk next week.
[16:02] Phlojo Gears: can I get a vote from everyone as to which solution is preffered?
[16:02] Kippie Friedkin: Cya Malbers!
[16:02] Jacek Antonelli: Take care, Ben and Malbers!
[16:02] Phlojo Gears: Unified, or Separated ?
[16:02] haon Arado: seperated floaters
[16:02] Jacek Antonelli: I like the separated floaters
[16:02] Tinker Toll: separated
[16:02] Phlojo Gears: take care Ben
[16:03] Phlojo Gears: and Malbers
[16:03] Jacek Antonelli: Uses less space in the common case
[16:03] Jacek Antonelli: and allows multiple editing, as well :D
[16:03] Phlojo Gears: anyone for unfied?
[16:03] haon Arado: way more practical
[16:03] Phlojo Gears: not trying to push unified, just curious
[16:03] haon Arado: doesn't look like it :)
[16:04] Phlojo Gears: :) that is true
[16:04] Phlojo Gears: let's have a look at the nav bar designs
[16:04] Kippie Friedkin: cool
[16:04] Phlojo Gears: can we load those Kippie?
[16:04] Kippie Friedkin: You got it, Phlo
[16:04] Phlojo Gears: danke
[16:04] haon Arado: ooo kool
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: we have two general directions
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: and a few variations for each
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: one is centered nav
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: the other accounts for a left justified nav
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: by default, in both situations the nav bar is colapsable
[16:05] haon Arado: can we see the one that would be on the left
[16:05] Phlojo Gears: so on the screen u see the centered colapsed
[16:06] Phlojo Gears: next slide please
[16:06] Phlojo Gears: haon, we'll get there in 2 slides or so
[16:06] haon Arado: kool :)
[16:06] Phlojo Gears: so now here is the centered in a boxier treatment
[16:06] Phlojo Gears: and next page please
[16:06] Phlojo Gears: the same desgn style with rounded corners
[16:07] Phlojo Gears: we already know that we are going to simplify the history pulldown
[16:07] Phlojo Gears: so that it isn't so visually heavy
[16:07] Phlojo Gears: and more along the lines of a standard pull down
[16:07] Phlojo Gears: ex: Gesture pull-up menu
[16:07] Jacek Antonelli: cool
[16:07] Phlojo Gears: next slide
[16:08] Kippie Friedkin: yes, sir!
[16:08] Phlojo Gears: :)
[16:08] Phlojo Gears: here we have the left justified
[16:08] Phlojo Gears: in the inactive mode
[16:08] Phlojo Gears: and (next slide)
[16:08] Phlojo Gears: the active/visible mode
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: as u noticed, the functionality on these is similar
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: and we have a back button
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: forward button
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: a unified history pulldown
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: which shows the current location as highlited
[16:09] Phlojo Gears: and the back and/or forward locations above and bellow
[16:09] haon Arado: awsome
[16:10] haon Arado: i like the centred idea just for the sake of symetry
[16:10] Phlojo Gears: this simplifies the ui, so that we dont need to have 1 pull down for each button
[16:10] Phlojo Gears: next
[16:10] Phlojo Gears: we have a few design variations
[16:10] Phlojo Gears: on the left and centered
[16:11] Phlojo Gears: these next designs, are even closer to the Dazzle look and feel
[16:11] Phlojo Gears: next slide
[16:11] Phlojo Gears: (this is the left with rounded corners)
[16:11] Phlojo Gears: next slide please
[16:12] Kippie Friedkin: apologies...a little laggy over here at the moment
[16:12] Phlojo Gears: np :)
[16:12] Phlojo Gears: same functionality, different design treatment
[16:12] Phlojo Gears: and 2 slides dow, we have this same design in a left justified format
[16:12] Phlojo Gears: down*
[16:13] Phlojo Gears: so, first i am curious as to which is prefered, centered or left ?
[16:13] Kippie Friedkin: one sec, sorry...something's acting a little funky
[16:14] Phlojo Gears: left vs center?
[16:14] Phlojo Gears: anyone?
[16:14] haon Arado: center
[16:14] Tinker Toll: center
[16:14] haon Arado: again for symetry
[16:14] Jacek Antonelli: Centered is good -- it creates a spatial relationship with the location on the top menu bar
[16:14] Phlojo Gears: ok
[16:14] Jacek Antonelli: I really like that theme, too. :D
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: which one?
[16:15] Jacek Antonelli: The darker blue with silver buttons
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: the first progressive one
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: or the Dazzeled one?
[16:15] Jacek Antonelli: Yeah. It doesn't fit with Dazzle at all, but... well, I'd rather Dazzle change to fit this one, lol
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: as in, round buttons or little square-ish buttons?
[16:15] Jacek Antonelli: Rounded ones
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: ok
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: it draws insiparation from Dazzle
[16:15] Phlojo Gears: somewhat
[16:16] Phlojo Gears: as far as clor palete
[16:16] Jacek Antonelli: And the bigger buttons are nice, too
[16:16] Phlojo Gears: and we are going to do another variation on it, to make the buttons be a little more Dazzle like
[16:16] Phlojo Gears: replicate the same gloss/reflection treatment
[16:16] Jacek Antonelli: Alright, if you must... ^_^; *not such a fan of the Dazzle treatment*
[16:17] Phlojo Gears: not that I want to speak for Ben, but he also liked the round buttons treatment
[16:17] Phlojo Gears: but in a left justified position
[16:17] Jacek Antonelli: The left-justified one is acceptable, but I'd prefer the centered one, slightly
[16:18] Phlojo Gears: alright... any other comments, ideas...
[16:18] haon Arado: me too with rounded buttons
[16:18] Phlojo Gears: words of wisdom :) insirational quotes ? :)
[16:18] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[16:18] Jacek Antonelli: Keep your ears dry and your nose clean?
[16:18] Phlojo Gears: :)
[16:19] Phlojo Gears: looks like this is it for today
[16:19] Kippie Friedkin: Cool.
[16:19] Phlojo Gears: please feel free to share any other ideas or opinions u have via sl-dev
[16:19] Kippie Friedkin: Thank you everyone for your feedback and thoughts!
[16:19] Jacek Antonelli: Great stuff :D
[16:19] haon Arado: i have one
[16:19] Phlojo Gears: we're all on that list (so far just reading)
[16:19] Kippie Friedkin: As always, feel free to drop me an IM if you have questions or ideas.
[16:20] Kippie Friedkin: We'll be posting these designs to the JIRA project and again on sl-dev.
[16:20] Stephany Linden: NAV-28
[16:20] Jacek Antonelli: Great, Kippie
[16:20] haon Arado: i would like to see the height editors spectrum inceased
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: is this in regards to the nav?
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: i gues i'm not following
[16:21] haon Arado: no srry
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: or mabe we are done with the nav and landmarks
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: alright... gotcha
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: well' i got to jet too, but we'llm be in touch
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: via sl-dev, jira and all the other means
[16:21] Jacek Antonelli: It's looking good, and it's great to see the progress and revisions :D
[16:21] Phlojo Gears: have a nice day guys and gals
[16:21] Kippie Friedkin: Thanks for a great run-through Phlo!
[16:22] Kippie Friedkin: Talk to ya tomorrow!
[16:22] Phlojo Gears: peace out!
[16:22] Jacek Antonelli: Thanks, Phlo, Kippie, and all!
[16:22] haon Arado: is there a group i can join which has linden meeting notifications and what they are about
[16:22] Kippie Friedkin: I don't know of a group..but there is a google public calendar which is pretty useful
[16:23] haon Arado: i will check that out ty
[16:23] Jacek Antonelli: /noanim crossleg
[16:23] Kippie Friedkin: lemme see if I can get you a link
[16:23] haon Arado: that would be a great help
[16:24] Tinker Toll: Tillie Ariantho has made a calendar on Google
[16:24] Tinker Toll:
[16:25] Jacek Antonelli: Alright, I'm gonna head out. Take care, all!
[16:25] haon Arado: l8ter jacek
[16:25] Kippie Friedkin: Cya jacek!
[16:25] Tinker Toll: Bye all!
[16:25] Kippie Friedkin: Thanks for all your input!
[16:25] Kippie Friedkin: If you go here:
[16:26] haon Arado: yah l8ter everyone
[16:26] Kippie Friedkin: and do a search for Linden Lab Public Events there's a great office hours public cal
[16:26] Stephany Linden: / I have the transcript ben - heading to the wiki now - bye!
[16:26] Kippie Friedkin: alrighty, cya haon..have a good one :)
[16:26] Kippie Friedkin: Cya Stephany
[16:26] Stephany Linden: bye kippie!
[16:27] Kippie Friedkin: Guess that's about it for me too.
[16:27] Kippie Friedkin: Lemme get rid of my giant projector screen :)
[16:27] Kippie Friedkin: Heh..can't do it. I'll have to leave that for you, Ben :)
[16:27] Kippie Friedkin: Cheers for now!