Release Notes/Dolphin Viewer 3/3.2.0

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New or fixed in this version:

  • Based on 3.2.x sources now.
  • Updated to Marine Kelley's latest RLV code.
  • Fixed STORM-1713: Mouse pointer flickers over clickable UI items (from Ansariel Hiller / FireStorm).
  • Client AO has been adapted to the new 3.2 toolbar button UI.
  • Toolbar buttons for Windlight Settings and Area Search.
  • You can now configure the viewer to turn you around when walking backwards.

Note: when this is ON, you will see it work on every avatar, not just yours, and other people using a viewer without it will still see you walk backwards. In short: this setting works on your screen, not inworld.

  • Texture refresh from FireStorm has been imported.

This gives you an option labeled "Texture Refresh" in the context menu of inworld objects and avatars. When something is grey or blurry use this option to force a re-fetch of the textures involved.

  • The particle editor from FireStorm has been imported.

When editing a prim you can choose "Edit Particles" from the Tools/Object menu, to create a particle effect in a more user-friendly way. You can create a simple particle script when you're done, or just copy the same script into your clipboard to paste it into a bigger script.

Known issues:

  • There is no Flickr uploader for now. Porting that to the new snapshot code will take some more time, which I honestly do not have right now, due to RL commitments.
  • There is still no working mesh upload. I've tried using the Firestorm code and the results weren't up to my standards.

Work in progress:

  • Satomi Ahns login manager from Firestorm
  • Flickr uploader
  • Mesh upload