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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for v3.3.2 (257717) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released May 23, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Resolved Issues

  • CHOP-854 Inventory API testing - clicking discard when receiving a folder of content does nothing
  • CHUI-52 Received Items panel state does not persist between sessions
  • CHUI-53 Inventory vertical scroll bar not appearing when horizontal scroll bar hides last item in listing
  • CHUI-55 Floaters that have set positions from old viewer versions can appear off screen until user repositions the floaters manually
  • CHUI-59 Floater stacking offset only occurs first time a floater is opened
  • CHUI-60 Initial chat bubble from object is incorrectly sized on login
  • CHUI-61 Relative floater positions not written to settings file if previous settings exist from old viewer
  • CHUI-68 Using arrow keys to scroll through inventory folders does not scroll content in view
  • CHUI-70 Build floater and other floaters opened in default position become centered in viewer when object is built or viewer resized
  • EXP-1181 As a designer, I would like to specify default floater positions using relative coordinates
  • EXP-1305 doubleclicking viewer's top window frame to maximize the viewer makes your avatar walk forward
  • EXP-1546 received items - purchasing some bodyparts and clothing from a prim marked for sale show wrong inventory icons
  • EXP-1832 Viewer Size not persistent across logins
  • EXP-1841 As a User, I want to be able to cut and paste folders and items in my Inventory, so it's easier for me to move things around.
  • EXP-1862 Unify LLClipboard and LLInventoryClipboard
  • EXP-1863 Allow LLClipboard to work with folders
  • EXP-1873 Add "cut" to contextual menu in inventory
  • EXP-1879 Crash in People floater in mouselook mode
  • EXP-1882 Crash in Groups floater in mouselook mode
  • EXP-1889 As a Second Life viewer developer, I would like a tool that helps me find memory leaks.
  • EXP-1890 The "Shop" button is partially not clickable
  • EXP-1891 'Vehicles' category overlays avatar thumnail after setting minimal width in Avatar picker floater
  • EXP-1894 Cannot paste no copy items that have been cut
  • EXP-1895 Inventory toggle shows when cutting an item empties folder
  • EXP-1896 Viewer crash when copy and paste folder onto itself
  • EXP-1897 UUIDs can be shown when pasting to areas outside of inventory
  • EXP-1900 Viewer crash when dragging items to Object contents after cutting but not pasting item
  • EXP-1902 Cutting item and selecting another item on Favorite bar to copy results in item ending up in original location
  • EXP-1903 Cutting item and renaming another item results in the item ending up in original location
  • EXP-1904 Estate tab in Region/Estate floater does not display estate name or owner name
  • EXP-1905 Cutting or copying an item in inventory causes Pick Texture contents to fully reload
  • EXP-1906 Cut option not active for valid folders in Places panel under My Landmarks
  • EXP-1910 Viewer usually crashes whith empty list of voice morphs
  • EXP-1911 Actions in second inventory window cause main inventory window to refresh completely
  • EXP-1912 Cut folders in Places panel are not removed from view and can select cut twice
  • EXP-1913 Selecting to cut or paste item and then creating a new folder to paste into, moves selecting items to trash
  • EXP-1914 ctrl-v paste shortcut does not work for cut no copy items
  • EXP-1915 When folders are not fully fetched copy and paste options can be shown incorrectly when no-copy items are present and copyable items are not copied
  • EXP-1917 Items cut to clipboard are returned to original location if user logs out before pasting
  • EXP-1918 Floaters that are stacked are not offset
  • EXP-1919 Resizing viewer window with minimized floaters can result in floaters appearing off screen when un-minimized
  • EXP-1922 Cut items are deleted from Trash if Empty Trash option is selected before paste
  • EXP-1924 Pasting text clears objects on clipboard from inventory
  • EXP-1925 Inventory folders being pasted to are hidden during a paste operation
  • INTL-92 Translate Viewer Set30
  • INTL-96 Translate Viewer Set31
  • MAINT-387 [PUBLIC] Possible crash in llviewermenufile/upload_done_callback
  • MAINT-710 [PUBLIC] llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp(1863) : error 2012-02-26T06:54:14Z ERROR: VertexBufferStrider<class LLColor4U,6>::get: VertexBufferStrider could not find valid vertex data.
  • MAINT-813 [crashhunters] crash at LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion
  • MAINT-890 crash at LLCurl::Easy::~Easy()
  • MAINT-922 Client side code to catch the SCRIPT_PERMISSION_TELEPORT request from simulator and display a notification
  • MAINT-959 [PUBLIC]Trouble resizing tabbed floaters
  • OPEN-54 Inconsistent CMake variable name for JsonCpp include dir(s)
  • SH-2592 (OS X Lion) Graphics issues with Atmospheric Shaders enabled on Intel HD 3000, 10.7.2
  • SH-2719 Lines in off-sim water
  • SH-2729 Horizontal Line Of Glitching Graphics Beneath Title Bar
  • SH-2902 Avatar and preview windows weirdly messed up - showing artifacts or random textures
  • SH-2908 Textures fail to render correctly with Basic Shaders turned on. (pink & purple)
  • SH-2961 Rigged meshes show no bumpiness when worn (they do when rezzed on ground)
  • SH-2963 "Highlight Transparent" does not highlight 100% transparent objects
  • SH-2964 Water & sky windlight broken, flickering mesh, no glow & psychotic shadows on Second Life Developer 3.3.0 (249319)
  • STORM-64 As a Builder, I want the ability to use temporary images, animations, etc. and preview them inworld before uploading them
  • STORM-637 Scripts Progress windows Missing
  • STORM-1787 Some dead code in which throws an uncaught error.
  • STORM-1816 When I upload a texture, the "preview as" dropdown in the preview window is hidden under the texture
  • STORM-1821 As a user, I would like more resolutions to the dropdown for changing viewer size.
  • STORM-1822 Change size of Block button in dialog boxes to help prevent accidental clicks
  • STORM-1823 Replace current specular model with Normalized Blinn-Phong specularity
  • STORM-1828 Instability producing character/new archetype.xml from Develop->Avatar->Character Test->Apperance To XML
  • STORM-1833 Square char is presented in list of recompilation for script with error
  • STORM-1837 Viewer crashes if trying to add non-image file as local texture
  • VWR-28730 Implement Japanese Viewer translation terminology consistency fix
  • WOLF-318 Can something be done about the tests that produce the string "error"? It makes it difficult to parse the build log for errors.
  • WOLF-363 Viewer script 'autobuild install' step is pointless; install should be implicit in configure

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Known Issues


Direct Delivery issues with Linux viewers

  • VWR-28629 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build

Rebaking with basic shaders enabled

  • VWR-28954 Rebaking avatar textures with basic shaders enabled makes the torso pink and breaks alpha layers

Crash on disconnect

  • Crash on disconnect when minimap is open (LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion)

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.3.1 (254524), 3.3.0 (251182), 3.2.8 (248931) and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.3.2 (257717). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.