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Release Notes for v6.0.1 (522263) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on December 05, 2018.

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Spotykach

Ukrainian Spotykach is a sweet alcoholic beverage the main ingredients of which are horilka and scented spicery (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove etc.). According to the recipe, this aromatic drink must draw a fortnight, being shaken up each day. Spotykach is generally believed to be a dessert beverage so it should be consumed in the small shot – glass.

This delicious infusion contains:

  • Update to embedded CEF/Dullahan browser to most recent version to pick up numerous security fixes
  • Avatars seen as JellyDoll won’t emit light anymore. They’re JellyDoll for a reason.
  • Added a warning to unsupported “Multiple Viewers” preference.
  • It is finally possible to select and copy text in a llTextBox input text box.
  • Closed a loophole, which allowed creating new folders in Lost and Found. That’s not what it’s for.
  • No more crash when clicking on folder link in inventory.
  • Now “Mute when minimized” will mute when minimized and let you know it worked.

Many more crash fixes, minor UI fixes, translations, and cleanup.

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-316 translate Animesh Viewer Set 54 (axon) [drtvwr-443]
  • SL-10006 Crash in LLFloaterScriptDebug::addScriptLine()
  • SL-10013 Crash in LLFolderViewModelItemInventory::filterChildItem(..)
  • SL-10018 Viewer crashes when clicking on link of a folder in any folder from Inventory
  • SL-10112 New Linden Realms HUD v 1.5 is illegible on Maint viewer.
  • SL-1043 Viewer inventory using unsupported method to relocate folders at startup
  • SL-1080 Jellydolled avatar attachments can emit light.
  • SL-1223 XUI "windowsize combo" spam on exit
  • SL-1283 [Alex Ivy] Text is corrupted in TоS in non english viewer
  • SL-1397 Check mark doesn't switch when clicking on the label "Mute when minimized" in Preferences
  • SL-1695 Update libvorbis in viewer
  • SL-1828 Indicate that "Allow Multiple Viewers" Preference is unsupported
  • SL-9649 Buffer overflow in llviewerobject.cpp
  • SL-9739 [Portuguese] The text “Unable to buy” extends beyond the window “Buy L$”
  • SL-9781 Colour picker floater reverts colors for attached objects when "Apply now" is unticked.
  • SL-979 Loophole to create New Folder in “Lost and Found”
  • SL-9800 Text Box 'dialog text' should support select and copy
  • SL-9955 crash-on-exit in LLVivoxVoiceClient::removeObserver following region disconnect
  • SL-9991 Crash in LLViewerLODTexture::processTextureStats()