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Radio Stations/Companies Broadcasting in Second Life

  • IndieSpectrum Radio ( The #1 and only "real" Second Life radio station featuring original music from artists that perform live in Second Life, Royalty free and legal to play on your commercial SL property 24/7! music url:]
  • ENT SL Radio (ENT Hot Mix Radio) is your SL Public radio.. with over 80 hours of live entertainment delivered by the residents of SL, we have all your entertainment covered Listen to us via our website--> and keep up with the latest in and around SL currently offline
  • KHNY Honey 103 ( Your Soul Satisfaction! Honey103 caters to the mature crowd on the internet as well as in Second Life who enjoy R&B, Neo Soul, Oldies, Jazz as well as other types of diverse ethnic music. Add the stream to your land -->
  • M.Y. Studio FM (- The Premier Second Life Radio Station!) M.Y. Studio FM, a subsidiary company of M.Y. Studio Productions, is a 24/7 Radio station bringing your today's best hits as well as our specialty shows throughout the week such as Throwback Thursday and Swing Shift Saturday. Our DJ's also bring a wide variety of genre's to you for your listening pleasure. Go to our website to tune in, and look up information for sponsorships, advertisement, or to contact our management team. At M.Y. Studio FM, we aim to be -YOUR- Premier Second Life Radio Station.
  • SoR Radio ( - Your Right to ROCK!) SoR Radio is a 24/7 Classic Rock station, featuring music from the 50s through the 80s, all commercial-free, all free to listen! All of our 13.5k music library is requestable from the website. Some live shows every week (see site for schedule). At SoR Radio, we believe that it's always Your Right to ROCK!
  • Radio CiBiGIBi (Radio CiBiGiBi) Non stop 24/7 Music for gourmandizer - no commercials, just continuous WONDERFUL MUSIC !! Simply the best radio that you can put in your parcel - listen at or join us inworld at The Alternative Music Radio CiBiGiBi Club.
  • Scifi Radio Name change January 2021 and was formerly known as Krypton Radio
  • SL Live Radio ( SL Live Music Previews 24.7] currently offline
  • WildRadio760 ( Webcasting from Club Wild in SL currently offline
  • Radio Nightingale (Radio Nightingale), formerly known as Radio Riel, founded by Gabrielle Riel Morningstar (gabrielle.morningstar), previously Gabrielle Riel in SL. Multiple genre-based music streams
  • Virtual Community Radio (Virtual Community Radio) - Eclectic music programming based around Light and Light Classical music with featured genre days. Plus spoken word programming including radio drama, SL locations to visit, and reading the Tarot. VCRadio Live Stream

TV Stations/Companies Broadcasting in Second Life

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