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The Command Console

The command console allows for a handful of region settings to be changed via text commands or http post operations from script.

You must be an estate manager to change the settings.

The console is opened in the viewer through the Develop > Consoles menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift ⇧+`. (` is the key with the tilde on it ~) The Region Debug Console can also be opened by a button on the World > Region/Estate > Debug window.


  • Help (Command)
    Help is available for the following commands and topics. Type "help <topic>" for more information.
    Note that all commands are case insensitive.

      Get                 Retrieve the value of a variable.
      Set                 Set the value of a variable.
      Unset               Returns a parameter to its built-in default. (Only available for certain parameters.)
      Parameters          List parameters you are authorized to view or modify.
      Restart             Restart the region after a specified amount of time (default 5mins)
  • Get (Command)
    Syntax: get <parameter>

      Retrieve the current value of a simulator or region variable. Note that if the variable was set since the region was restarted, the new value will be returned rather than the value used when the region started. This can be significant for some variables. For more information, see "help <variable>". To retrieve the value of a variable used at startup, use "get -s <variable>".
  • Set (Command)
    Syntax: set <variable> <value>

      Sets the value of a simulator or region variable. Note that some variable will not take effect until the region is restarted. This behavior will typically be specified in the parameter's description (see: "help variables")."

      Value Format Examples:
      Integer:  1234 or -435 0xffeb6194
      Float:    -3.4 or 14
      Bool:     [ON/OFF] or [TRUE/FALSE] or [ENABLED/DISABLED]
      Vector:   <1.34, -4.2, 8> in <x, y, z> order.
  • Unset (command)
Syntax: unset <parameter>

Sets a parameter to its built-in default. Not all parameters have defaults
  • Help Parameters (Command)
    Syntax: help parameters

     You are authorized to access the following parameters in this region:

    Allow land owners to return an Estate Manager's object that overlaps their land.

    Allow land owners to return a regular object that overlaps their land.

    Enable/disable estate-level access for identified scripted agents.

    Enable/Disable pathfinding behaviors and navmesh updates. Requires a restart.

    If true, teleport lures obey telehubs if they exist.

    Allows estate managers to disable certain terrain optimizations and is provided only for backward compatibility. Defaults to true (optimization enabled). Requires a terrain edit or sim restart to take effect.

    The percentage of the region population reserved for premium accounts.

    Sets the number of agents allowed into the region at one time.

    The number of reserved avatar spaces available to premium accounts on this region.

    Display the population status 

    The number of unreseverd avatar spaces available on this region.

Note : The above commands are subject to change, so use 'help parameters' to determine the active ccommands for the current region.

  • Restart (Command)
    Syntax: restart <minutes>
      Restart the region after a specified amount of time (default 5mins).

Notes: Can only accept positive integers. If used during a active countdown will set the countdown to the specified time. Appears to have no throttling or wait timers. Giving the time "0" will cause the sim to shutdown immediately with no warning except for Second Life closing with a (Region is going down)

Restarts are warned to all clients with a message like this ([AlertMessage] /RESTART_X_MINUTES 5)

Notable Responses

If you stumble upon a variable or command not in help these two can show.

  • You are not authorized to set that parameter. This event has been logged.
  • You are not authorized to perform that command. This event has been logged.

To open the console

CTRL + SHIFT + `  (CTRL + SHIFT + backtick) {{ENTER}}
( on a Keyboard with a UK Keymap use: CTRL + SHIFT + @ )

LSL possibilities

If you have a bot with estate manager rights hand a LSL script the SimConsole Capability URL you can send commands to it. Note, you can't read the responses.

    llHTTPRequest("https://<YOUR REGION HOST><YOUR CAP HERE>",[HTTP_METHOD,"POST"],"<llsd><string>set accurate_terrain FALSE</string></llsd>");

Capability Documentation

Post to Capability: "SimConsole"





Turn on/off Pathfinding

Must be estate power to do this: set dynamic_pathfinding [enabled|disabled]

  • Turn off Pathfinding:
set dynamic_pathfinding disabled {{ENTER}}
restart {{ENTER}}
  • Turn on Pathfinding:
set dynamic_pathfinding enabled {{ENTER}}
restart {{ENTER}}

Schedule region restarts

Private region owners and estate managers may schedule recurring restarts for their regions from the Region Debug Console. Restarts will occur on the scheduled days within a 10 minute window at the specified scheduled time. All scheduled times and days of the week are in the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) timezone to match server time. (Included in simulator version 2024-03-18.8333615621 - earlier simulator versions will not support this command at this time.)

As with most Region Debug Console commands, help region_schedule entered in the Region Debug console window will show a list of command variables available and a basic explanation of how to use the command.

region_schedule {{ENTER}}
    Shows the currently scheduled region restarts for the specified region.

region_schedule set restart daily <HH:MM>    
    Sets the region to restart daily at the specified hour (HH) and minute (MM).

region_schedule set restart weekly <days> <HH:MM>    
    Sets the region to restart daily at the specified hour (HH) and minute (MM) on specific days of the week <days>. The days of the week are represented by a single letter abbreviation, as follows, and should be entered without spaces (ie, SMT for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) or brackets:
        S = Sunday
        M = Monday
        T = Tuesday
        W = Wednesday
        R = Thursday
        F = Friday
        A = Saturday

region_schedule unset restart
    Clears any future scheduled restarts from the region.