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Mentor Linguists are those Mentors who have the skill and patience to help other Residents in other languages.

Group Role

Mentor Linguists will be a role within the in-world Second Life Mentors group, and will only be given to those who are willing and able to assist Residents in other languages.

If you're currently in the Second Life Mentor group, you'll need to sign up for the Mentor Linguist role if you wish to participate in the program.

Publicising languages spoken

Although Second Life profiles currently include a field for Residents to list the languages they're proficient in (spoken or otherwise), this data is not yet searchable. In the meantime, Volunteers are encouraged to list the languages they "speak" (in the context of Second Life, this may just refer textual communications) in the Languages spoken by Volunteers category.

Being a Mentor Linguist is not a requirement of being listed in the wiki-category and conversely, listing yourself in the wiki-category does not make you a Mentor Linguist. All Volunteers can use the wiki-category freely as it is useful for situations where another Volunteer requires assistance in a specific language (a common request in the Second Life Mentors group channel).