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UI-Triage Invitation

Dear SL Devs,

I would just like to give you a heads up that the UI Triage Agenda for tomorrow (July 17, 2007) is up on the wiki ( Benjamin, Torley, and I will conduct the triage at 10am SLTime tomorrow. The slurl to Benjamin's office is listed on the wiki. Feel free to edit the Agenda as you see fit. For this particular triage, I organized by number of votes. You may certainly add issues that you think are important, issues I have failed to address this week.

It is our hope that you will seize control of the UI Triage Agenda in the spirit of Resident empowerment. That way, you dictate what goes on the agenda, not Linden Lab. For instructions on setting the agenda, please see Still have questions? Ping me.

Best, Iridium Linden