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Functional Spec - Teleport

General Description

What does this feature do?

  • Moves the agent directly to a location as quickly as possible.

Interface Requirements

How does the user use/activate this feature?

  • Clicking the world map
  • Landmark
  • Accepting teleport invite
  • Teleporting home
  • being ejected from an estate
  • Godlike teleport invite
  • "Dying"
  • llTeleportHome
  • (some other LSL call?)
  • Via listings in Finder
  • (upcoming LSL teleport call?)

Performance Requirements

Will this feature affect:

  • Client FPS? YES, must dowload and draw surroundings and agents (similar to StartupFPSTest)
  • Simulator FPS? YES, sending and receiving agent and attachment data
  • Database? Maybe?
  • Asset server? NO
  • Network load? Yes, between the sending and receiving regions
  • Any other system? (User server? Presence?)

Design Constraints

Will this feature be unavailable on certain hardware? NO

Is this feature consistent with other features? YES

Is this feature well integrated? YES

Is this feature discoverable? Somewhat. "How do I go to my friend? How do I go to my friend's house?"

Is this feature Safe, Predictable, and Responsive? llTeleportHome is not predictable.

Feature Dependencies

Features that this feature will affect


Features that affect this feature

  • World Map
  • Landmarks
  • Finder
  • Estate Tools
  • Telehubs
  • Parcel landing points

Security risks

Does this feature give access to something it should not? llTeleportHome annoys people flying across the world.

Usage Rules

There are 4 rules that affect where you will end up after teleport estate access rule telehub rule parcel access rule parcel landing point rule

Teleporting follows visibility/access rules. You can teleport to places visible on the world map (exception - if the region you are on has "Mainland Visible from Here = NO", you may still be able to teleport to places you cannot see on the world map)

Teleporting rules: Estate access = NO

  • teleport fails with error message

Estate access = YES

  • P2P = OFF
    • TH is present
      • Go to nearest TH on estate, (to a random spawn point?)
    • TH is not present
      • Follow parcel's landing point rules
          • If no landing point rules, arrive directly at your target.

If in god mode, invited by a god, teleporting home, Died

  • Go directly to the target location, bypassing estate, telehub, and parcel rules

If teleport invited

  • Follow estate rule, bypass TH rule, follow Parcel landing point rule

(Expand explaination when estates w/ different P2P configurations are adjacent)

(Explain what a "safe" alternate region is, how it is determined, how often it is determined, and what it's used for)

(Teleport to a location underground, near ground, in the air. What is your animation state?)

When you teleport arrive:

  • What do you look like to you?
  • What do you look like to observers?

Facing direction: You should face direction the landing point has set. If no landing point, you should be facing your target

Test Script - Feature name

  • Requirements
  • Test Setup
  • Old features this feature will interact with
  • Variables to test (ie. different types of things that generate test permutations)

Test script steps

  • Rule to check
    1. Step
    2. Step
  • Corner case to rule
    1. Step
    2. Step

Most common usage section

  • Game - require the user to stay within boundaries
  • Event - make sure people arrive at the correct place
  • Private - deny entry to uninvited guests