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By: Hitomi Tiponi
Viewer Version:
Information: Starlight 2.1.5
Source: "Starlight" skin download
"Starlight" skin to improve Viewer 2 usability - 2.1 Beta Version

Emblem-important.png Important!

Use caution when installing these skins, as modifications to your installed software files are not officially supported by Second Life support


This skin is designed to give more choice, and hopefully improve the usability and promote usage of Second Life Viewer 2. It consists of a number of previously published viewer tweaks - produced by various residents (see credits in the downloaded 'Read Me' file) and added to, together with a slight reskinning to give the interface a lighter feel.


The version for other versions of Viewer 2 (the main Linden Viewer) can be found here where you will also find further information on StarLight.

Major Changes to the Standard Skin

  • Sidebar reduced in size, becomes possible to drag, and does not slide the chiclets/buttons along the bottom bar (note: this is not changeable to crop the world view)
  • Better formatting of tabbed IM window (tabs larger and no icons in them)
  • Several UI components made semi-transparent
  • "About Land" Button added to Navigation Bar
  • Draw Distance slider added to Navigation Bar (between 32 and 512 metres)
  • Options added to the menu ('XStreet', 'Grid Status', 'My Uploads', 'My Useful Features')
  • "Inventory" Button added to bottom bar
  • Resize marker for bottom bar to make it more obvious (from Kirstens Viewer)
  • Camera control made smaller than the standard version (similar to the Kirstens Viewer approach but smaller)
  • Minor tweaks to the skinning and usability (resizing columns, increasing glow, realigning text etc.)
  • The usual lighter Black & Orange look (with several changes to colours and widgets)

Also with this release the Sidebar can now be dragged across the screen - a first step towards further customisation.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Only working fully with English language version of the interface

Changes to 2.1.5 from 2.1.4

  • Works with release 206756 of Viewer 2.1 (fourth Beta available July 14th 2010)

Changes to 2.1.4 from 2.1.3

  • Works with release 206543 of Viewer 2.1 (third Beta available July 7th 2010)

Changes to 2.1.3 from 2.1.2

  • Works with release 206371 of Viewer 2.1 (second Beta available June 30th 2010)
  • Sidebar can now be dragged across the screen (by pulling on the left-hand edge)

Changes to 2.1.2 from 2.1.1

  • Works with release 206197 of Viewer 2.1 (first Beta available June 22nd 2010)
  • Full length sidebar and vertical IM tab extensions make a return