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Create and manage existing group Roles. View Role Name, Title, Description, Assigned Members, Allowed Abilities per role. Each group can contain up to ten roles, including the Everyone and Owners roles.

Role   Shows a list of roles created for this group.
Title   Shows the title assigned to each role and the number of members using that title.
New Role   Creates a New Role for the group.
Delete Role   Deletes a selected group role. The Everyone and Owners roles cannot be deleted.
Role Name   View or modify the name of a group Role.
Role Title   View or modify the group title for a selected role.
Description   View or create a description for a selected group role.
Assigned members   View a list of group members who are assigned to the selected group role. Select a member name from the Assigned members list. Click the Info Icon Info Icon to view information and interaction options with the selected group member.
Reveal members   Check this box to allow group members to be viewed publicly.
Allowed Abilities   Use this section to manage abilities per selected group role. Check or uncheck boxes to assign or unassign group abilities.
Refresh   Click to refresh the group information.
Chat   Initiate or join a group text conversation.
Group Call   Initiate or join a group voice call.
Save   Save changes.