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Object Profile shows properties of an inventory item. When it's used on objects, it shows a limited subset, because many object properties can't be changed unless the object is rezzed inworld.


  Name of the item.

  Description of the item, which isn't searchable in inventory but can provide additional context.

  The creator of this object and a button you can click to view their Profile. Note that when an object has actually been made by multiple creators, Creator: only shows the creator of the root (last-linked, main) prim. To inspect creators of individual prims and contents, you need to rez the object inworld.

  The owner of the object inworld. If the item is in your inventory, the owner is always you.

  The date and time you received the item. If you rez an object inworld, take it, then view its Properties, you see the time you took it here.


See Permissions for details.