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Notifications alert you to different kinds of interesting events. There are two notification icons at the bottom of the Viewer window:

Conversations Conversations

  Instant Messages (IMs) are text chat received from other Residents and groups. Each distinct IM session also appears to the left of Conversations Conversations, indicated by a thumbnail of a Resident's profile or group's insignia.
Notifications Notifications

  All other notifications, such as an inventory delivery after you've bought an item, or when an object has been returned from a parcel to you. Some notifications have special thumbnails that appear to the left of the notifications icons: For example, a received object is shown as a cube.

To prevent clutter, notifications appear briefly, then are hidden until you click Conversations Conversations or Notifications Notifications. This functions similarly to notification systems like the Windows Tray and Growl. Click a notification in the queue to view it in full. The notification count is shown layered over each icon.

Close Notification Close Notification

  Removes a conversation or notification from its respective queue.

To close all notifications, right-click Conversations Conversations or Notifications Notifications and choose Close All.