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This work is signed [WaS-K]-[BIO:SE-CG], a collaboration between Wizardry and Steamworks and Clowey Greenwood of the BIO-SE group. The purpose is to create an interactive activity for students to learn about immunity defence systems.


~~ Signed off Clowey Greenwood

Real-Time Statistics for IBS ONE

The Wizardry and Steamworks article page has a real-time display of the resistant to normal bacteria ratios based on a pie-chart.

This system is documented and sample scripts are provided in the Derivates and Extensions section of this article where we use PHP, jQuery and HTML to display real-time statistics about a PGS simulator. The concept may be extended and applied to other areas as well.

Template:IBS Statistics

The chart-display will probably be used for student assignments in order to view the decay of resistant in normal bacteria in real-time as the students are killing them off.

The Build

For a more concise description of the build, please see Wizardry and Steamworks/Population Genetics and Selection because all calculations relating to the theory are there.

The Interactive Bacteria Simulator (IBS) is a build that uses the sphere or the upper-hemisphere of the Wanderer movement script, depending on the desired mode of operation. The code is centred around the Wizardry and Steamworks/Population Genetics and Selection code since the functionality is the same: except that we do not have predators (the students act as predators themselves).

We use a rezzer that generates bacteria primitives which move using Wanderer. The two types of bacteria are either hard to kill bacteria or regular bacteria which is a good simulation of (TODO) that Clowey Greenwood explained in the previous section. Borrowing that concept and translating it to Second Life, we made the hard to kill bacteria die on three consecutive touches (with no fallback) and the regular bacteria die on one single click. The result is that, overall, the hard to kill bacteria dominate over the regular bacteria since they are preferentially selected.

The build is also different from the Wizardry and Steamworks/Population Genetics and Selection, in the sense that bacteria does not get replace when another dies: instead, every few seconds a new bacteria is born based on a total, settable upper limit (to prevent flooding the region).

~~ Signed off Kira Komarov