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The Incubator

incubator |ˈinkyəˌbātər; ˈi ng-|
an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled environment for the care and protection of premature or unusually small babies.
• an apparatus used to hatch eggs or grow microorganisms under controlled conditions.
• a place, esp. with support staff and equipment, made available at low rent to new small businesses.

Since we're not making babies, we abstract over the semantics of the term incubator and use it for ideas that are not ready to hit the public yet but we post them here, for other people's inspiration. Keep in mind, this work is still under the Wizardry and Steamworks [WaS] seal and thus protected by the GPLv3 license. Any work built on our incubator ideas, should be credited back to us.

Using TPV AO for Dancing

[13:49]  Jay: so i just need a dance hud then .. any ideas which one uses the least resources?
[13:49]  Kira Komarov: right for the dances...
[13:49]  Kira Komarov: i have an idea for you
[13:49]  Jay: k
[13:49]  Kira Komarov: supposing you want to turn this into a commercial project
[13:50]  Jay: i am open to any commercial ideas. slowly building my store lol
[13:51]  Kira Komarov: how about this: the animation overriders built into phoenix / firestorm / singularity / imprudence /etc etc etc... as you can see have "change stand poses", randomly, or otherwise sequentially... now here's the clever bit ;-) how about you use the built-in AO and create a "hack" notecard including the dances as [Standing] poses... ;-) that would make the viewer change the animations and implicitly dance ;-)
[13:51]  Jay: Now that would be amazing
[13:52]  Jay: Anything to reduce lag is amazing lol
[13:53]  Kira Komarov: it can be easily done
[13:53]  Kira Komarov: xD
[13:53]  Kira Komarov: just put all the dances, in sequence in the [Standing] section
[13:54]  Jay: Perfect!
[13:54]  Jay: Thats it?
[13:54]  Jay: haha
[13:55]  Kira Komarov: yes, and not only... by doing that, you just need to write documentation how to load the dancing notecard, tick / untick the [] change standing animations randomly for random dances and setting the < > cycle animations after this-that amount of time so they can specify themselves when they want the dance animations to change
[13:56]  Jay: Great Idea! Thank you!!!
[13:57]  Kira Komarov: ;-) np all you have to do is write documentation, provide notecards they can hot-swap and it would be more than awesome... a youtube video might help... i can help you with that if you want
[13:57]  Jay: k. this is great! I wish i had known about this built in ao before!!
[14:00]  Kira Komarov: is it ok if I use this chat?
[14:00]  Kira Komarov: or is it confidential?
[14:00]  Jay: you can use it lol

Use third-party viewers built-in animation overrider (phoenix has one, singularity has one, firestorm has one, imprudence has one - most of them have one) to hot-swap animation sets and make avatars dance instead of providing scripted HUDs. This will cut down on lag generation drastically. The only problem would be that proper documentation should be written on how to use the built-in animation overrider.

The dance animations, notecard and documentation would be provided and the user will just hot-swap notecards, loading them into the TPV animation overrider.

In this case, the notecard would contain:

[Standing]Dance_1,Dance_2, ...

Since all built-in AOs from TPVs have random cycling of standing animations, as well as sequential cycling of standing animations this could be used to make an avatar dance. This is a hack - might work, might not but we think it will.

Relating GEP semantics to Regex

Compatibility? Needs syntax re-wiring for symbols. We still have the Kleene closures being compatible as far as choice of symbols go, just need restrictions. What about greedy / reluctant matchers? Ah, that will be fun to explore...

Can demotion, promotion, establishment and disbandment be represented as a series of regular expressions applied to the GEP semantics? We could then express group dynamics as regex applications.

Humor: Second Life-in-Second Life

So there are some webservices (I wouldn't trust) out there that have a VM as a backend and run a game for you. For example, if you want to play some game without a powerful computer. So if you use the viewer's browser and start Second Life remotely using one of those services, you'd get Second Life in Second Life.

Google Maps

Wouldn't it be nice to have "time" as a parameter for Google Maps. Perhaps one could travel back to ancient Greece (if complete maps do exist). Perhaps we can simulate that in Second Life using Great Wanderer. Given sufficient memory, we could store the collision points and regenerate the map again at a later date... Uff....