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Objects inworld have Contents folders accessible by editing the object and selecting the '''Content''' tab from the '''Edit''' Tool. If you have permission to modify the object, you can:
* Drag any objects from your Inventory into the Contents folder.
* Copy or move the contents of an object to your Inventory.
* Permanently delete objects from the Contents folder.
===To add inventory to the object Contents folder:===
# Right-click the object inworld and choose '''Edit''' from the pie menu (or press '''Ctrl-3''' and click on the object).
# Open the Editor's Content tab (click '''More''' if you can't see it).
# Drag the desired item from your Inventory into the Contents folder.
===To remove objects from the Contents folder:===
# Right-click on the object inworld and choose Open from the pie menu. Use one of the following options:
* Open your Inventory and drag the contents to your Inventory window.
* Click '''Copy to Inventory'''.
* Click '''Copy and Wear'''.
{{KBnote| If the contents have copy permissions, a copy is placed in your Inventory. If an object is '''(no copy)''', the object will leave the Contents folder and move to your Inventory.}}
* Select one or more objects (Ctrl-select more than one object), right-click and select '''Delete''' (or press the '''Delete''' key on your keyboard) to remove objects without placing them in your Inventory.
{{KBcaution| Objects that are not rezzed, but are instead deleted from a Contents folder do not go to your Inventory Trash folder! They are permanently deleted. If the object is '''(no copy)''', be aware it will be gone if you select it and press the Delete key!}}
{{KBnote| Unlike your own inventory, an object's inventory cannot have two items with the same name. If you copy an item with the same name as an existing item into the object's inventory, the new object will be renamed; e.g. ''object, object 1, object 2'' etc.}}
====I removed a particle script from an object and the particles are still coming from the object.====
Particles are saved as a state with the prim and will continue to emerge from the object even after the particle script is removed from the object's Contents folder. If the particle script was in an object that you want to keep, watch Torley's [[Particle editing - Video Tutorial|Particle Editing - Video Tutorial]] and learn how to create a script to set the particle state to blank. This will stop the particles from exiting the object.
===Why are the options in the Edit Tool gray?===
* The object permissions are set to '''(no modify)''' and you are not the creator of the object.
* '''Select Only My Objects''' is selected in '''Tools''' from your Viewer menu and you are not the owner of the object.
* '''Select Only Movable Objects''' is selected in '''Tools''' from your Viewer menu and it is not a movable object.
{{KBhint| You can place objects in a box and sell the box's contents, or place objects to be rezzed (placed inworld) by a script. You can add sounds that will be played, or notecards to distribute to people.}}
If you are planning to sell objects or object contents, see the following Knowledge Base articles for more information:
* [[How do I sell things?]]
* [[Next-owner permissions FAQ]]
[[Category:Content creation]]
[[Category:Content creation]]
[[Category:Content creation]]

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