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* [http://riaa.isfullofcrap.com/ Tunes inSL Project] - Atonement for my many tone-deaf sins.
* [http://riaa.isfullofcrap.com/ Tunes inSL Project] - Atonement for my many tone-deaf sins.

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"It takes me 5 minutes to rez, but I'm worth every second." - Crap Mariner

Loves to read "How To Win Friends And Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, then toss the book aside and piss everyone off anyway.

Runs Edloe, Nowhereville, and Harbour islands as part of the Five Islands complex. (It's actually 9 islands, but we suck at math. YAY!)

Partner of Eshi Otawara, who spends her time making dresses, cool sim designs, and planning in-world funeral displays for herself. (She's such a drama queen.)

Maintains the Podcasts List on SL Wiki.

Can be found on twitter.

WARNING: This is a high-volume Twitter feed that contains subject matter that may or may not pertain to SL, will often contain profanity in English, and runs contrary to the current cult worshiping Obama. Whether it's champagne or water, it's still being blasted from a firehose.

You have been warned.

Other places this deranged clockwork miscreant has been known to haunt...

  • Twitter feed - Duh, didn't I just link this? Sheesh!
  • 100 Word Stories Podcast - A daily 100 word story in text and audio, and then a weekly collection of stories from a group of deranged loyal followers.
  • SL Weblog - "What Is This Crap?" could be missing a comma. Where you think the comma goes says a lot about how you view SL.
  • RL Weblog - I've been called lunatic fringe, right-wing fascist, racist, sexist, and hypocrite so many times, it makes me wonder why I bother going to family reunions anymore.
  • Occasional utterli rants - Lousy audio quality makes for a fun 10-15 minutes of "What did he say?"
  • Youtube videos - I wish I had more time to make these.
  • Youtube videos - A decent video card and a spacenavigator make me look better than I really am. PhotoShop... blech!
  • Tunes inSL Project - Atonement for my many tone-deaf sins.