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Please avoid generic references to "IP"

Statements of personal religion are not particularly helpful in the wiki, and we would do well to stick to Wikipedia's NPoV rule in this respect. Indeed, our own Editing_Guidelines say precisely that already.

I am referring here in particular to the line near the end of the parent: "this could reduce the incentive to innovate because of the lack of IP protection", which serves no purpose except as an expression of personal faith.

Indeed, almost every reference to "IP" is nothing more than an exercise in obfuscation, because copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets share almost no common logic, so discussing them as a unit does not aid rational discussion.

Given LL's opening of the source under essentially a GPL license, which is a license that rides on top of copyright only as a means of denying protectionist copyright restrictions, it would seem appropriate to completely dismiss any attempt to limit the open and unhindered flow of code, assets, and ideas in this project.

In summary: (i) use NPoV; (ii) avoid "IP" handwaving; (iii) avoid proposing restrictions on community freedoms.Morgaine Dinova 11:02, 21 May 2007 (BST)