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This template is for use in individual user group pages linked from Linden Lab Official:User Groups. It automatically puts the page in.

Instructions for using this template

This template just provides a rough outline of the information that you should provide in your user group page. All of the parameters can include any wikitext, which enables you to customize your page as much as you wish. You may also provide additional content sections before or after the template call.


  • purpose - Brief description of the purpose of the user group, including what topics may be discussed, who may be interested, etc.
  • date-time - Date / time (PT) and frequency of meetings. Must match entry in Linden Lab Official:User Groups.
  • location - SLurl of meetings. Typically this will be an external link such as:
|location=[http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beaumont/26/165/34 "Doc dock" in Beaumont]
Must match entry in Linden Lab Official:User Groups
  • team - Optionally provide list of Lindens on the pertinent team and anyone else involved. If you don't provide a value for this, then the template does not display anything.
  • agenda - Agenda for the next meeting(s).
  • archive - Links to chat transcripts of past meetings and any other relevant information.

Here is an example. For the result, see Community Tools User Group (the content may have changed from what's below):

{{User Group Page
The community tools user group exists to discuss and facilitate Resident involvement with:
* The Second Life Wiki
* Knowledge Base
* Blogs
* Forums
* Second Life Answers

We'll answer any questions and try to address any concerns with these resources.

|date-time= every Thursday at 1pm PT
|location= the [http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beaumont/26/165/34 "Doc dock" in Beaumont].

=== Community tools team ===

Several Lindens are involved in facilitating community information tools:
* Amanda Linden
* Lexie Linden
* Rand Linden

===Documentation team ===

The documentation team is [[User:Rand Linden|Rand Linden]], [[Jeremy Linden]], and Bea Linden.  
The doc team's focus is on the Knowledge Base, wiki, and Viewer context-sensitive help.

* These are archives of old doc team office hours: [[:Category:Documentation Office Hours]]

The purpose of this user group has not yet been added to this page.


Date and time not added to this page yet. See User Groups page. Location not yet added to this page. See User Groups page.

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is: TBD


No archive specified.