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Posted 4-08-2009

1) What about taking the "5 account" limit off the books, since it's not enforced, and letting people coalesce their role-play alts?

ANSWER: Alt abuse and alt unification are two things we’re actively working to provide solutions for.

2) Will all Adult places be bunched together or separated by housing, I feel as though we are well spread out now across the mainland grid and it is economical suicide to place all the clubs, malls, and sex clubs right next to each other. As of now there is not one functioning club/mall/sex club for many many regions/parcels around us. Can you ensure me that if we have to move this will remain the same?

ANSWER: The final look of the Adult Mainland will ultimately be what Residents make it. Geographic separation is certainly one way for merchants to manage market share and competition.

3) Any plans to allow those selected for the initial move/land swap to tier up and retain their original Mainland land in addition to the new plot, the original land of course no longer intended for Adult usage? I rather like my existing plot and would like the right of first refusal before it goes up for auction or is otherwise set for sale in the marketplace at large.

ANSWER: This is certainly an idea worth considering.

4) A non-adult plot has the age-verified checkbox on. Would a resident with payment info but not age verification be able to get access to the plot or not? A simple binary question for you.

ANSWER: No. If they have restricted access to age-verified residents, only age verified residents will get in.

5) Odd question: For those who apply, go through the review, and are found NOT to meet the criteria for moving, will there be some sort of safeguard or rubber stamp or whatever declaring them safe so that a more conservative Linden cant come along the next week and declare the exact same content too adult for Mainland?

ANSWER: If we succeed in the effort to provide clear definitions as to what qualifies as Adult content, this kind of ambiguity should be well mitigated. In the event of a review stemming from an AR, previous action related to the account would be noted, and these notes would be reviewed by the person handling the AR. Considering the dynamic nature of content, and even what the community perceives as Adult, it is not likely a stamp of approval would be effective or credible.

6) So you are only eligible for the move *if* you have adult content? What about those who bought mature land because it had no restrictions on use beyond what is prohibited anywhere in SL. Many of those will wish to move to land with similar low restrictions rather than remain on land with more restrictions than the land they originally bought just in case they may wish to host an adult event at some point in the future etc. Are you not going to accommodate these?

ANSWER: Anyone with a verified account will be eligible to move to the Adult Mainland. Resident eligibility for the free land swap will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

7) What about Tombstone? Will it have to move to Ursula? It has two bordellos, since it is a realistic old West sim. It is also a virtual town with a real community feeling including sheriff's office, grocery, school, etc. Its mall is mostly clothing/guns. Where would a roleplay sim like that fall in the new guidelines?

ANSWER: That depends on what happens in the bordellos, and only the activity in the bordello would be affected, assuming the realistic old west violence is more John Ford than Quentin Tarantino.

8) Do we have rough guidelines yet even if more firm definitions of adult are not decided yet so that gray areas can be deciding what needs to happen??

ANSWER: An updated version of the guidelines has been drafted and is currently being discussed internally. We know that a lot of issues hang in the balance and we will release the next draft as soon as we confident that it is ready for public viewing. There are two more Brown Bags next week and we hope that the definitions will be ready after that.