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Here are User Group notes. Note that I plan to post an update with more details and some additional questions from the User Group, hopefully within the next week on the new Community Platform!

[17:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): hi everyone

[17:01] Alexa Linden (alexa.linden): yes with the agenda posted

[17:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): thanks for attending :)

[17:01] Lyta McKeenan (lyta.mckeenan): I think she means the agenda Pamela

[17:01] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): good evening

[17:01] Cinder Eleanor Roxley (cinder.roxley): hi

[17:01] Alexa Linden (alexa.linden): Hey Trilo :)

[17:01] Robert Galland (robert.galland): Hello :)

[17:02] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so for those of you who'd like to post questions

[17:02] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): send them to Colossus Linden, please

[17:02] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we're going to try to keep the local chat clearer so that people can easily follow allong :)

[17:02] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): do the questions have to follow along the agenda?

[17:03] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Yup, private chat them to me or send me a notecard. I'll pass them along.

[17:03] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so, the way we will be addressing questions are:

[17:03] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): after each agenda section, we'll adress related questions

[17:03] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Please save them for the relevant section/agenda item as we go through the meeting.

[17:03] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): at the end we'll deal with other questions

[17:04] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): just to go over a few things that have happened since we last met

[17:05] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we released a new flow for giving a gift

[17:06] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): this has almost completely removed the old issues we were seeing with gifts getting delivered to the purchaser

[17:06] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): which is great!

[17:06] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and we've seen a slight increase in overall gifting

[17:07] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): (except for valentine's day, where we saw a predictable spike)

[17:07] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): as part of the gifting changes, we made some cart and order history updates

[17:07] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): these now show the giftee on the order

[17:07] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and provide a link to the merchant store

[17:07] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): on each line item

[17:08] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): which will hopefully allow previous customers to find you all more easily

[17:08] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we also released a performance fix for the home page, which should have greatly increased loading time

[17:09] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and we made several updates around maturity

[17:09] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): the big one was to allow all residents who have a date of birth over 18 see moderate content by default

[17:10] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and we identified and fixed some issues with the ratings logic to improve the accuracy

[17:10] Croma Flux (croma.flux): /mapto venn

[17:10] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): now, there is still more work to do on maturity, and i will go into that in the next section where i discuss what is coming up next

[17:11] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i'd like to break for questions

[17:11] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Gifting Question from TriloByte Zanzibar:

[17:11] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Can you please quantify what "slight increase" means? Percentage increase, what percent of marketplace purchases are gifts, etc

[17:12] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we've only got 2 weeks of data

[17:13] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): at this point it is less than 5%

[17:13] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): interesting

[17:13] 愛 (ai.velde): Quite a bit lower than I thought it'd be, even for 2 weeks only.

[17:13] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): 5% increase, or 5% total?

[17:14] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Is the issue of being able to gift mature items to teens fixed?

[17:14] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): and what is the norm?

[17:14] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): increase, trilobyte

[17:14] Sassy (sassy.romano): ADULT not mature!, I asked about ADULT

[17:14] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): excellent progress, thanks :-)

[17:14] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we'll offer more data once we have a longer period of data

[17:14] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): ok ty :)

[17:15] 愛 (ai.velde): Generally, thank you for the changes in gifting. I find it to be less of a convoluted issue now, and my gift sales have risen as well. Plus I myself am purchasing more gifts. :D

[17:15] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we have a several cases that prevent gifting an adult or moderate item

[17:16] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): one of those is not meeting the minimum maturity requirements

[17:16] Sassy (sassy.romano): has that changed since the last meeting, you said it should not be possible then, tests showed that it was

[17:17] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i was referring to the new gifting flows

[17:17] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): at the last meeting

[17:17] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): perhaps i misunderstood the context, apologies

[17:17] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): From: Trilo

[17:17] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Will gift recipients be able to rate/review gifts they've received? (Currently only the purchaser can do that)

[17:13] TriloByte Zanzibar: sorry, is that a 5% increase or 5% of purchases are gifts?

[17:17] 愛 (ai.velde): Yes, there was quite a discrepancy at the time between "should not" and "could not." Hopefully both will never happen.

[17:18] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): good question, trilobyte

[17:18] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): that is something that we should do

[17:18] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): okay, moving on to the next section, which will discuss maturity a bit more

[17:18] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): questions related to that will come in then

[17:19] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): the next maturity fixes will be coming in early march: search options which will allow shoppers to choose the maturity level from one of 4 options

[17:20] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): general

[17:20] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): general, moderate

[17:20] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): general, moderate, adult

[17:20] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): adtul

[17:20] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): *adult

[17:21] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we did pull data on other options from the viewer

[17:21] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 lol! ;)

[17:21] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and they all had extremely low usage

[17:21] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): adult only had low usage, but this has been a commonly requested search option

[17:22] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so we wanted to try it as a test case

[17:22] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): :0 that on slMarketplace, and not inworld search?

[17:22] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): later in march, we are planning to provide messaging to shoppers when they are not seeing all possible results based upon their current search settings

[17:23] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): to allow shoppers to access all products they may want to view for potential purchase

[17:23] Pamela Galli (pamela.galli): settings in preferences like inworld?

[17:24] Pamela Galli (pamela.galli): persistant?

[17:24] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 looking back in chat i think she did mean inworld search :)

[17:24] seachange (sea.linden): Guy's please ping your questions to Colossus, Brooke can't answer them here and type!

[17:24] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so the default will come from viewer preferred settings

[17:24] Pamela Galli (pamela.galli): ok

[17:24] seachange (sea.linden): Thx!

[17:25] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and once a shopper has saved their setting on marketplace, it will be persisted in our database, so every time they log on, they will see the last setting used

[17:25] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 ooo between both in and out-world, that'd be awesome-o :))

[17:25] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): excellent

[17:25] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so maturity questions

[17:26] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 or just a cookie for teh marketplace ;)

[17:26] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): just to clarify, these options are for marketplace only

[17:26] 愛 (ai.velde): That's great news, and will make the shopping experience much more smooth I think.

[17:26] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): From Lydi: Will we have the system store the preference desire to see Adult items so that it remembers it every time a user logs in?

[17:27] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we based the choices on in world search data

[17:27] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): yes, lydi, we will

[17:27] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): also from Lydi:

[17:28] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): Will a merchant be able to see all their own listings regardless of the maturity rating of the listing and the selected maturity for shopping?

[17:28] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): currently, you will only be able to view items that are visible with your current search setting

[17:28] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and when the new fix rolls out, that will be the same

[17:29] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): once we start messaging that changing your maturity options will show you more items, you will then know that you can change the settings and see more

[17:30] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): From Sigma: will there be a default rating for new goods listed? Will it be moderate?

[17:30] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): there is no default rating

[17:32] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so moving onto the next thing we will be addressing over the next month on

[17:32] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we will be improving our search logging to better track search performance so we can target search improvements

[17:33] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): in addition to some infrastructure changes to make sure search remains available even under high traffic conditions

[17:33] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we certainly want to make sure people can find products to purchase

[17:35] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): going forward, we have identified some smaller fixes to search to make it easier for shoppers to find products

[17:36] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and better highlight new listings

[17:37] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): :)... always good good! :) things seem to have been going well, best i've been able to see...

[17:38] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): From: archtypus:

[17:38] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): do we have a time frame for the new search updates? (at least an estimate)

[17:39] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we will be working on this over the next month--possibly into April

[17:39] Archetypus Deed (archetypus.deed): thank you

[17:40] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): from Stickman

What text/sections of a listing are searched? Is the description searched?

[17:40] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we do not currently support searching on the description

[17:41] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we are evaluating if this makes sense in the future

[17:41] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): it is a large change that would require quite a bit of testing

[17:41] Fornicola Butuzova (fornicola.butuzova): bad idea

[17:41] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): title and features are indexed for search

[17:42] 愛 (ai.velde): Just the title and features and keywords then/

[17:42] 愛 (ai.velde) sets fire to question mark fail.

[17:42] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): yes

[17:42] 愛 (ai.velde): Gotcha. :)

[17:42] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): no it doesnt Brooke - do not index DESCRIPTION

[17:43] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): correct, we do not search on description

[17:43] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar) also votes to not index the long description

[17:43] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we don't index it either :)

[17:43] Fornicola Butuzova (fornicola.butuzova): I second eth motion, teh motion passes

[17:43] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): it should only be Title and keywords

[17:44] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): it also does the bullets/features, toy

[17:44] 愛 (ai.velde): Why not features as well, Toy? Does that afflict search negatively too?

[17:44] Rya Nitely (rya.nitely): and a way to find a merchant by searching by name

[17:44] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): so, note to brooke: better documentation on what is indexed and searchable in marketplace

[17:44] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): moving on

[17:44] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): it does features - i personally dont like that - but slm search relevance is broken anyways

[17:45] Fornicola Butuzova (fornicola.butuzova): i agree, relavnace is just goofy

[17:45] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): oo good one Rya

[17:45] Rya Nitely (rya.nitely): very necessary to search for a merchant

[17:45] Jill Yedmore (jill.yedmore): yes!

[17:45] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): Next up is store customization, isn't it Brooke?

[17:45] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): that is one thing I miss about xstreet

[17:45] 愛 (ai.velde): Yeah, I can't find myself or my store name in 290348283749283747 pages of search. haha :P

[17:45] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): next topic is a bug fix for reporting the reason an item was flagged and removed

[17:46] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): :0 if it's outsidea googley-norm, maybe yah it'd be good to specify :)...

[17:46] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): it will soon reflect the reason it was flagged and removed from being listed

[17:46] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): that's great news

[17:47] Shannara Llewellyn (shannara.llewellyn) agrees

[17:47] Katiri Hynes (katiri.hynes): Will it send a notification to the merchant?

[17:47] Lydi Lockhart (lydi.lockhart): that's wonderful

[17:47] 愛 (ai.velde): Yeah, it would be very nice to get an email or something.

[17:47] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): this fix does not include notifications

[17:47] 愛 (ai.velde): D:

[17:47] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): which is on the list

[17:47] 愛 (ai.velde): :D!

[17:47] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): the very long list :)

[17:47] 愛 (ai.velde): I'll take that over 'never!' ;D

[17:48] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): unfortunately we have only 12 min left

[17:48] 愛 (ai.velde): Noooooo!!

[17:48] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i'd like to hit the top topics people requested

[17:48] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): #1 store customization

[17:49] Fornicola Butuzova (fornicola.butuzova): i hope we dont run out of time to chat before we get to merchant/ll comminication

[17:49] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i have prioritized sorting your items in your store as top

[17:50] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): other issues will be addressed with data pulled from jira and surveys

[17:50] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): #2 inventory delivery

[17:51] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): still slated for Q2

[17:51] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): beta testing will occur--currently in the planning phase

[17:52] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): initial public roll out will allow merchants to either list in item with AIS delivery or Magic Box delivery

[17:52] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): list *an item

[17:53] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): #3 reporting/history: primay focus is to fix csv related issues

[17:53] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): *primary

[17:53] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): Will SLM Team EVER fix the SLM Traffic and Sales reports to be something useful? how long do we have to request and beg for reports that are even at least as good as xstreet

[17:53] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we will be addressing built in reporting at a later time

[17:54] Pauline Darkfury (pauline.darkfury): Inventory delivery: Could we please have some details on the plans ASAP. We may be able to help the lab avoid mistakes if we can be more involved earlier.

[17:54] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): there are some things that are not downloadable yet by csv, so we will need to make sure those are included

[17:55] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i'm going to break for questions on the above

[17:55] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): note that my goal is to start sending a monthly update

[17:55] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): which will have more details than just this meeting

[17:55] 愛 (ai.velde): Oh good. :)

[17:56] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): From a number of merchants;

[17:56] Colossus Linden (colossus.linden): The delivery failure rates appear to have gotten much worse. since the start of the year. Is that the case accross the board?

[17:57] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we did see a brief dip, but delivery levels are back to our typical delivery success rate

[17:57] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): interesting, I'm not seeing that yet :-/

[17:58] Jill Yedmore (jill.yedmore): was bad until last week

[17:58] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): the single best thing we can do to improve delivery for everyone is to get AIS delivery completed

[17:58] Rya Nitely (rya.nitely): what does AIS stand for?

[18:00] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): got a verbal question from colussus

[18:00] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): we are assessing the amount of time before considering a delivery to have failed

[18:00] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and this is likely to change with AIS delivery

[18:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): unfortunately we are out of time

[18:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i know a lot of questions weren't answered, and colossus has these

[18:01] Sweet Valentine (sweet.valentine): i give up trying to get mine answered =/

[18:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i will include as many as is feasible in the update i send out--likely next week

[18:01] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): i'll be trying out the new community platform

[18:02] Robert Galland (robert.galland): Thank you Brooke.

[18:02] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): thank you all for attending

[18:02] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): Thank you

[18:02] StUdLeY Dexing (studley.dexing): ty brooke

[18:02] Pamela Galli (pamela.galli): Oh good -- that should be more efficient anyway

[18:02] 愛 (ai.velde): Thank you, Brooke, Sea, Colossus~ :D

[18:02] Lydi Lockhart (lydi.lockhart): Q: will the other agenda items be addressed later with perhaps a note card?

[18:02] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): and for helping this meeting run smoothly

[18:02] Rya Nitely (rya.nitely): does anyone know what AIS stands for?

[18:02] Aral Levitt (aral.levitt): Thank you Colossus, Brooke and Sea

[18:02] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): :)) superawesome!! :) i think things are going in the positive di-rection :)...

[18:02] SmokeyJoe Sixpence (smokeyjoe.sixpence): well find out in Q2

[18:02] Archetypus Deed (archetypus.deed): AIS = asset inventory server

[18:02] seachange (sea.linden): AIS = Agent Inventory Service

[18:02] seachange (sea.linden): LOL

[18:02] Archetypus Deed (archetypus.deed): oh I was close

[18:03] Jarnz Dench (jarnz.dench): Awesome Inventory System :D

[18:03] Rya Nitely (rya.nitely): Automatic Inventory System

[18:03] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): apparently there is disagreement :)

[18:03] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): AIS = Anti Implementable System

[18:03] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 i think it is some kind of acronym like 'assured delivery system'?? maybe i dunno...

[18:03] seachange (sea.linden): Oh, I like "Awesome!"

[18:03] StUdLeY Dexing (studley.dexing): lol

[18:03] Shannara Llewellyn (shannara.llewellyn): o:

[18:03] Aral Levitt (aral.levitt): the replacement for the magic boxes?

[18:03] Σ (sigma.avro): thks all

[18:03] 愛 (ai.velde): Yes, Aral.

[18:03] Robert Galland (robert.galland): right

[18:03] Cracked Mirror (cracked.mirror): so is it to be accessed via the web?

[18:03] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): "insured delivery" is i think something that has been an 'inworks thing' or something - has to do with a lot of sl development history

[18:03] Fornicola Butuzova (fornicola.butuzova): would it be possible later to have the agenda split up and have different lindens handle each section, so we can more od an oppertunity to exchange thoughts

[18:03] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): thanks everyone, i'll be putting updates on remaining agenda items in the update i put on the forums

[18:03] Archetypus Deed (archetypus.deed): Thanks to Brooke, Sea and Colossus

[18:03] Nyoko Salome (nyoko.salome): ;0 or if not, then way offa that mark ;) and something else entirely ;0

[18:04] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): in addition to other questions

[18:04] Sonya Haight (sonya.haight): Thanks Brooke

[18:04] Pauline Darkfury (pauline.darkfury): Thanks Lindens :)

[18:04] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): thanks all

[18:04] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): never heard of ais before

[18:04] TriloByte Zanzibar (trilobyte.zanzibar): Thanks again for the meeting. Hopefully with monthly updates in the mix as well, it'll be easier to get through user group agendas :)

[18:04] Sharayah (sharayah.munro): thanks Brooke et al

[18:04] Robert Galland (robert.galland): Thanks Lindens. Goodnight everyone.

[18:04] Pauline Darkfury (pauline.darkfury): Closing comment, can we maybe have more frequent meetings, please, while there's a lot to cover.

[18:04] Σ (sigma.avro): yes, forum should be more active , and tks to 2 6 present lindens

[18:04] seachange (sea.linden): Thanks everyone, this was great!

[18:04] Sharayah (sharayah.munro): a great format

[18:04] Sweet Valentine (sweet.valentine): can we get an answer please someday to my 3 month old ticket and questions about why we are being charged commissions on test deliiveries

[18:04] Meta Linden (meta.linden): thank you everyone for your time & comments & questions. We appreciate it

[18:04] Shannara Llewellyn (shannara.llewellyn): oo now

[18:04] Shannara Llewellyn (shannara.llewellyn): wow ppl b good

[18:05] Pamela Galli (pamela.galli): and can we join hands and sing now?

[18:05] Shannara Llewellyn (shannara.llewellyn): i will

[18:05] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): lol maybe slm reporting will be fixed in 2013

[18:05] Toysoldier Thor (toysoldier.thor): with SLM version5

[18:05] Brooke Linden (brooke.linden): thanks to those who made suggestions on format