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List of Attendees


[11:59] Simone Linden: Hi Torben
[11:59] Torben Trautman: hi Simone
[11:59] Simone Linden: Guten Abend :)
[11:59] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:01] Torben Trautman: hiya Yann
[12:01] Yann Dufaux: hi hi! ?
[12:01] Simone Linden: I will relog
[12:01] Yann Dufaux: some lagg to days ?
[12:01] Torben Trautman: hi Eb :)
[12:01] Ellabella Clary: hi =)
[12:02] Yann Dufaux: wb simone!! ? XXXX
[12:02] Simone Linden: Thanks!
[12:02] Simone Linden: Hi Yann
[12:02] Simone Linden: Hello Ellabella
[12:02] Ellabella Clary: hi there
[12:03] Yoa Ogee: hallo alle zusammen
[12:03] Yann Dufaux: oh, cool av Yoa ?
[12:03] Yoa Ogee: :) thanks
[12:03] Simone Linden: Hi there
[12:03] Yann Dufaux: how are you simone? ?
[12:03] Simone Linden: Not too bad. Thanks, and you?
[12:04] Yann Dufaux: thanks fines, i focus for an bugs since yesterday ?
[12:04] Simone Linden: French or English viewer?
[12:04] Yann Dufaux: english viewer, snowglobe ^^
[12:05] Simone Linden: I see
[12:05] Yann Dufaux: but i don't know if is snowglobe or aditi ?
[12:05] Simone Linden: Hello Gren
[12:05] Gren Yifu: hello
[12:05] Simone Linden: Hi Boroondas!
[12:05] Gren Yifu: ich seh mich wieder *gg
[12:05] Boroondas Gupte: Hi all
[12:05] Boroondas Gupte: Hallo
[12:05] Simone Linden: Thank you very much for the translation you did today!
[12:05] Yoa Ogee: hallo
[12:05] Gren Yifu: hi all nice to meetyuo
[12:06] Boroondas Gupte: You're welcome.
[12:06] Simone Linden: I have not had time to look at it yet, but will do so later this week.
[12:06] Boroondas Gupte: I hope it's usable.
[12:06] Simone Linden: I will give you some feedback when I am done with editing it.
[12:06] Simone Linden: Thank you all for coming!
[12:07] Gren Yifu: ok:)
[12:07] Simone Linden: In wanted to talk about a different project tonight.
[12:07] Yann Dufaux: its an pleasur ?
[12:07] Simone Linden: I don[t know if you have seen the Japanese website?
[12:07] Torben Trautman: hehe eb, did Gren scare you?
[12:07] Ellabella Clary npds
[12:07] Gren Yifu: ups sorry:)
[12:07] Ellabella Clary: nps
[12:07] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:07] Simone Linden: Our colleagues there are using images taken by residents.
[12:07] Simone Linden: We do that for the German site as well.
[12:08] Simone Linden: Our current image was supplied by one of our translators> Gunter Gustav
[12:08] Simone Linden: Before the new website we had rotating images, so everytimne you went on the site
[12:08] Yann Dufaux: okey moment i fixe this sit bugs ?
[12:08] Simone Linden: another image would show up.
[12:08] Simone Linden: One of 5 images in all
[12:09] Simone Linden: I would like to continue using images taken by residents for the German hp
[12:09] Torben Trautman: yay, let´s have another contest
[12:09] Simone Linden: and would like to ask you, if you want to... to take screenshots of nice locations, preferably German/speaking regions
[12:09] Ellabella Clary: can I join? I am good at photoshop
[12:09] Simone Linden: that have something to do with autumn
[12:10] Simone Linden: Of course.
[12:10] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:10] Simone Linden: I would like to have some autumnal pictures on the site.
[12:10] Simone Linden: I will have to open a JIRA giving you more specs as the images needs to be a certain quality for us to use them
[12:10] Simone Linden: Also, as there is text on the left side, the focus of the image should be on the right.
[12:11] Simone Linden: Ellabella, I don-t know how to notify you when the JIRA is up?
[12:11] Torben Trautman: I´ll tell her
[12:11] Simone Linden: I usually send out an email via ct project....
[12:11] Ellabella Clary points
[12:11] Ellabella Clary: he tells me
[12:11] Ellabella Clary: xD
[12:11] Simone Linden: Ah thank zyou, torben
[12:11] Torben Trautman: Simone Linden is talking to you
[12:11] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:12] Simone Linden: Speaking about notifiying.....
[12:12] Simone Linden: Do you guys use SL Answers? Or the German CT Forum?
[12:12] Gren Yifu: yes sometimes
[12:12] Torben Trautman: I used SL Answers but I don´t love it
[12:12] Gren Yifu: if needed
[12:13] Simone Linden:
[12:13] Simone Linden: ever look at this here?
[12:13] Boroondas Gupte: once
[12:13] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:13] Simone Linden: I am just wondering as I have posted some stuff for the CT group there but never got a reply from anyone...
[12:14] Simone Linden: :(
[12:14] Torben Trautman: well we have an overflow of communication tools
[12:14] Boroondas Gupte: there's a problem with having too many communication channels ... nobody will look at all of them
[12:14] Gren Yifu: it canno t opening yet
[12:14] Torben Trautman: so can´t look everywhere
[12:14] Simone Linden: I agree
[12:14] Aquiel Saru: Hi everyone...English?
[12:14] Torben Trautman: hi Aquiel
[12:14] Simone Linden: How do you ususally find out about new JIRAs?
[12:15] Boroondas Gupte: mailing list
[12:15] Gren Yifu: hi aquiel
[12:15] Torben Trautman: the mailing list
[12:15] Simone Linden: Do you all get my emails via the CT mailing list_
[12:15] Aquiel Saru: Danke Torben ^,.^
[12:15] Torben Trautman: Aquiel Saru is talking to you
[12:15] Torben Trautman: bitte :)
[12:15] Simone Linden: Hi Aquiel!!!!
[12:15] Gren Yifu: no not arrived
[12:15] Simone Linden: Nice to see you
[12:15] Aquiel Saru: Hope you had a nice vacation Simone
[12:15] Torben Trautman: and I also created a special dashboard on the JIRA
[12:15] Torben Trautman: it shows me everything new
[12:15] Torben Trautman: by project
[12:15] Simone Linden: I did, thank you. Was too short, as always though
[12:15] Simone Linden: Ah, ok Torben
[12:15] Torben Trautman: Simone Linden is talking to you
[12:16] Gren Yifu: great i ll see
[12:16] Aquiel Saru nods...i live in USA...talking about short
[12:16] Boroondas Gupte: aww :-P
[12:16] Simone Linden: Sorry guys, I am having troubles with my keyboard....
[12:17] Simone Linden: So I don't need to post about new JIRAs on all kinds of channels. CT project list is good enough?
[12:18] Torben Trautman: YES!
[12:18] Torben Trautman: or if it´s urgent you could send a notice in the CT group
[12:18] Simone Linden: Ok
[12:18] Ellabella Clary: I OBJECT!
[12:18] Gren Yifu: i m sorry i have to go
[12:18] Aquiel Saru: And yeah I don't think I'm getting those emails
[12:18] Ellabella Clary: jk
[12:18] Simone Linden: OK Gren. Thank sfor coming
[12:18] Aquiel Saru: Bye Gren
[12:18] Gren Yifu: you can give me the url for the dashboard Torben?
[12:18] Jacob Misupor: hello O_O
[12:18] Aquiel Saru: Yes me too please
[12:19] Gren Yifu: hello
[12:19] Simone Linden: There is stuff for editing and translation on the JIRA
[12:19] Aquiel Saru: Hello Jacob
[12:19] Simone Linden: Have a look when you get a chance.
[12:19] Torben Trautman: oh it is personalized and the lindens don´t allow (yet) to share them
[12:19] Jacob Misupor: are you michael jackson? xD
[12:19] Simone Linden: Hi Jacob
[12:19] Gren Yifu: ? Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ?
[12:19] Gren Yifu: Torben
[12:19] Gren Yifu: ah oks
[12:19] Torben Trautman: but will write a description how i did it
[12:19] Gren Yifu: nice evening all
[12:19] Simone Linden: Bye!
[12:19] Simone Linden: Boroondas, how did the translation go today?
[12:20] Jacob Misupor: the room is cool ^^
[12:20] Smitth Blanco: hello
[12:20] Smitth Blanco: no
[12:20] Smitth Blanco: I am fan MIchael Jackson
[12:20] Aquiel Saru: Sorry Jacob...I don't just accept friendship offers without getting to know a person first
[12:20] Simone Linden: you were finished very fast
[12:20] Jacob Misupor: oh its okay ^^
[12:20] Boroondas Gupte: Well, I was unsure about some terms, so I asked the inworld group. Got some answers there, but unfortunatly they didn't solve the problem.
[12:21] Simone Linden: I saw the IMs you sent me.
[12:21] Simone Linden: Unfortunately thre is no glossary for these terms.
[12:21] Boroondas Gupte: I've put my questions on the associated talk page at #Vocabulary_questions
[12:21] Simone Linden: OK. I will have a look at that page
[12:22] Simone Linden: Luv your avatar, BTW
[12:22] Boroondas Gupte: Well, there should be one, or you risk us residents renaming your products :-P
[12:22] Jacob Misupor: simone are you from germany?
[12:22] Simone Linden: Hehe
[12:22] Simone Linden: Yes, Jacob
[12:22] Jacob Misupor: cool i too ^^
[12:22] Simone Linden: Guten Abend.
[12:22] Jacob Misupor: xD
[12:22] Simone Linden: There are some non/German speakers here, that is why we are talking in English....
[12:22] Jacob Misupor: guten morgen lol
[12:23] Smitth Blanco: It is a great pleasure to meet someone from Linden Lab
[12:23] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:23] Simone Linden: Good to meet you, too. Smitth
[12:23] Jacob Misupor: mr. smith are you michael jackson? xD
[12:24] Torben Trautman: sorry, my mommy told me not to accept friendship offers from strangers
[12:24] Boroondas Gupte: I think we (Resident CT members and other Residents) can make proposals on how to translate LL product names, but LL should at least approve them befor they are used.
[12:24] Jacob Misupor: its okay ^^
[12:24] Boroondas Gupte: lol, torben
[12:25] Jacob Misupor: mr. smith why you dont sit?
[12:25] Simone Linden: I would say that if the product name does not already exist, then we should use the English product name.
[12:25] Simone Linden: Otherwise we will get in trouble with 'branding'
[12:25] Torben Trautman: yeah, renaming products isn´t the TM favorite
[12:26] Jacob Misupor: oh yeah~ its dark...
[12:26] Jacob Misupor: HORROR! xD
[12:26] Jacob Misupor: ITS SCARY!
[12:26] Simone Linden: although we might come up with some cool names....
[12:26] Torben Trautman: hehe yes
[12:27] Jacob Misupor: lol
[12:27] Simone Linden: I am just looking at your page now, Boroondas.
[12:27] Boroondas Gupte: This is good and well for fantasy names and names that use English words easily understood be non native speakers. But nobody not knowing English will have any idea what e.g. a "vanity name" might be.
[12:27] Jacob Misupor: Boo!
[12:27] Simone Linden: I see
[12:27] Simone Linden: YOu are right
[12:27] Jacob Misupor: xD
[12:27] Torben Trautman: but vanity name is no trademark thingie
[12:27] Simone Linden: No, we can find a translation for that one...
[12:27] Torben Trautman: we have vanity numbers in germany
[12:27] Simone Linden: let me have a look at the context.
[12:28] Torben Trautman: Wunschname
[12:28] Simone Linden: as you can see I am not prepared at all...
[12:28] Simone Linden: I aplogize..
[12:28] Torben Trautman: *giggles*
[12:28] Torben Trautman: hehe das funny
[12:28] Jacob Misupor: du deutsche torben?
[12:28] Torben Trautman: ja, fast alle hier :)
[12:28] Ellabella Clary: ich nee
[12:28] Jacob Misupor: OH! warum hab ich das nicht gewusst T_T
[12:28] Torben Trautman: hehe eb
[12:29] Ellabella Clary: i speak dutch :D
[12:29] Simone Linden: The page looks lovely... great job, Boroondas!
[12:29] Jacob Misupor: ^^
[12:29] Jacob Misupor: lalala~
[12:29] Boroondas Gupte: heh, thanks.
[12:29] Jacob Misupor: Hey!
[12:29] Jacob Misupor: Get lost!
[12:29] Simone Linden: I think Wunschname would make sense?
[12:29] Boroondas Gupte: I don't know what they are used for ...
[12:30] Simone Linden: The names?
[12:30] Smitth Blanco: are you german
[12:30] Torben Trautman: german Telekom translated vanity number as Wunschnummer
[12:30] Torben Trautman: so I copybotted
[12:30] Smitth Blanco: Michael Shumacher is very god pilot
[12:30] Boroondas Gupte: It says they have to reflect a real live name? So you can't just request anything ...
[12:30] Simone Linden: It is usually for corporations, say, AT&T want to have a conference...
[12:30] Smitth Blanco: I am brazilian man
[12:30] Simone Linden: then all employees would have the same last name, e.g. Peter AT&T
[12:30] Smitth Blanco: Ayrton Senna is very god pilot F1
[12:31] Aquiel Saru: I'm getting really confused here
[12:31] Boroondas Gupte: Um ... that sounds like the custom last name, not vanity name ...
[12:31] Jacob Misupor: xD
[12:31] Simone Linden: LOL. You see I am a total expert.....
[12:31] Torben Trautman: Vanity name is when let´s say Angela Merkel wants to be in SL as Angela MErkel
[12:31] Jacob Misupor: mr. smith sitzt auf borondo xD
[12:31] Jacob Misupor: mr. smith sitting on borondo ^^
[12:32] Torben Trautman: still it´s a wunschname :)
[12:32] Simone Linden: Before I say more stupid stuff, let me send an email to the programm manager....
[12:32] Torben Trautman: cuz the Lindens can say: No we call you Peter Piper
[12:32] Simone Linden: to clarify
[12:32] Boroondas Gupte: ok, I'll change it to "Wunschname" for now
[12:32] Simone Linden: OK, and I will find out more.
[12:33] Smitth Blanco: one minute please
[12:33] Boroondas Gupte: Maybe someone involved in the program (Linden or a customer using it) could update the English original. It's unclear in a lot of ways, I think.
[12:34] Simone Linden: OK, I will let them know that, too. Thank you!
[12:34] Torben Trautman: while browsing the wiki...
[12:34] Aquiel Saru: There's a number of "Translated" documents that need editing right...anyone have any preferences for a specific one?
[12:34] Torben Trautman:
[12:34] Torben Trautman: the Avaline article got updated like insane
[12:34] Simone Linden: They should make the info clear, especially as it is linked to from
[12:34] Torben Trautman: I updated the phone numbers
[12:35] Torben Trautman: and just added the last updates
[12:35] Simone Linden: Thank you Torben! That is awesome
[12:35] Jacob Misupor: i must go ^^
[12:35] Jacob Misupor: bye bye
[12:35] Torben Trautman: if someone feels like translating the updated parts that would be cool
[12:35] Torben Trautman: else I´ll do it this week
[12:35] Simone Linden: Aquiel, please take what you want. I would be really grateful if you could edit an article.
[12:35] Simone Linden: I have to say that I am a bit behind on things...
[12:36] Torben Trautman: we told you: Don´t go on holidays...
[12:36] Simone Linden: still trying to catch up on projects that went on while I was on holiday
[12:36] Simone Linden: I just feel bad because you lot do so much and I can=t find the time to properly help you....
[12:36] Boroondas Gupte: np
[12:36] Simone Linden: I think by mid/week I will be in better shape and more reliable again.
[12:36] Torben Trautman: awww no worries, it´s all *good*
[12:37] Simone Linden: thanks for understanding.
[12:37] Simone Linden: Luv you guys!!!!
[12:37] Torben Trautman: we love you too :)
[12:37] Simone Linden: hugs
[12:37] Torben Trautman: *huggles*
[12:38] Boroondas Gupte: for wiki articles, do we have some way of indicating on what version of the original the translation is based? (we could just place the permalink somewhere, that would be sufficient)
[12:38] Torben Trautman: that´s a *good* one
[12:38] Simone Linden: This is the first time we translate directly in the wiki, so this is a starter project.
[12:38] Torben Trautman: does Lara still keep track?
[12:38] Simone Linden: I am happy with suggestions.
[12:39] Simone Linden: Lara is busy with RL at the moment.
[12:39] Torben Trautman: nods
[12:39] Simone Linden: I am not sure her google doc is up to date.
[12:39] Simone Linden: But we need a way to track version in the Wiki.
[12:39] Simone Linden: Usually what happens is that when a text is translated, it gets edited, then published and protected.....
[12:40] Simone Linden: however, since we are working for these two JIRAs directly in the Wiki it is different.
[12:40] Torben Trautman: we haven´t protected articles for a while
[12:40] Torben Trautman: Danica unprotected them all quite a while ago
[12:40] Simone Linden: Yeah, we need to work on a proper workflow...
[12:40] Simone Linden: but with the Doc Team working out the EnglishWiki KB it is all a bit shaky at the moment....
[12:40] Aquiel Saru: Ok, just assgned 473, 472, 485, and 482 to myself for editing
[12:40] Simone Linden: Wooohooo!!!
[12:40] Boroondas Gupte: it's the first article I translated for CT, but I'm sure I like working directly on the wiki much better than I'd like the usual workflow.
[12:41] Simone Linden: Thank you Aquiel
[12:41] Torben Trautman: YES!
[12:41] Torben Trautman: I wanted to suggest that
[12:41] Torben Trautman: it was very helpful that Zai put the avaline article in the wiki for editing
[12:41] Simone Linden: So you would prefere to have the text in the text file, translated, then edited and proof read and then publsihed when ready
[12:41] Aquiel Saru: And I like to lean that
[12:41] Torben Trautman: no
[12:41] Torben Trautman: the other way round
[12:42] Simone Linden: Ah.
[12:42] Simone Linden: OK
[12:42] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:42] Torben Trautman: it would be cool if we had it in the wiki
[12:42] Boroondas Gupte: hu?
[12:42] Torben Trautman: with the notice saying that it´s work in progress
[12:42] Torben Trautman: and then after proofreading you could remove the notice
[12:42] Boroondas Gupte: I mean I like that everyone who spots a mistake in what I've done, or can think of a better formulation for something, can just jump in and DO it. No looping through JIRA etc.
[12:43] Torben Trautman: that´s dangerous
[12:43] Boroondas Gupte: (JIRA is great for code development)
[12:43] Torben Trautman: looking at the german forums shows that there is quite a big number of people that meight make it worse than better
[12:43] Torben Trautman: *might
[12:44] Boroondas Gupte: The wiki keeps its history. We can always roll back.
[12:44] Simone Linden: I would rather have a workflow where an article gets translated and properly edited like we have now. This way we get more consitent results and can make sure that the final result has a certain standard
[12:44] Torben Trautman: if the article is protected right away we still could add a comment on the talk page
[12:44] Aquiel Saru: And I like that I'm able to check with some ppls when I'm unsure about a word or sentence and I still do the update
[12:45] Simone Linden: For instance the article you translated today, even though it is on the Wiki now, it wont be linked until next week, when sl work goes live in German, therefore I want to make sure we edit the article before next week, so it is in good condition.
[12:45] Boroondas Gupte: What would be great would be the reviewed revision thing.
[12:45] Torben Trautman: omg
[12:45] Torben Trautman: lols
[12:45] Torben Trautman: yeah right, especially with the number of editors they have
[12:46] Simone Linden: you mean like the Doc Team is using?
[12:46] Boroondas Gupte: yeah. Everyone who thinkgs they can improve something can do it. But it will only go "live" after review.
[12:47] Simone Linden: Yeah. I see what you mean.
[12:47] Aquiel Saru: How does that work in regards to it instantenously?
[12:47] Simone Linden: However, I want to waint until they have completely implemented that workflow. it is still work in progress as far as I know.
[12:48] Simone Linden: We have a meeting with them in about 2 weeks to exchange ideas and see how things are going.
[12:48] Aquiel Saru: Not that I'm updating something that is no longer even there
[12:48] Simone Linden: NOt sure what you mean, Aquiel.
[12:48] Simone Linden: But hyou need to have a 'special' status to be allowed to make changes, as far as I know. There is an editor status, I think
[12:49] Torben Trautman: yes
[12:49] Torben Trautman: Zai has it
[12:49] Aquiel Saru: Well, say we all look at the same article at the same time and all have something we want to change in it...maybe the same does that work?
[12:49] Simone Linden: Yeah. What about you, Boroondas?
[12:49] Boroondas Gupte: sorry, was afk, for a moment, RL
[12:49] Boroondas Gupte: um ...
[12:49] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:50] Simone Linden: No worries. Just trying to find out how much you know about the Wiki :)
[12:50] Boroondas Gupte: as far as I know, you'll always see the latest version when editing
[12:50] Torben Trautman:
[12:50] Simone Linden: Because you seem to know more than me...
[12:50] Torben Trautman: so far it´s 5 people
[12:50] Simone Linden: Ah, thanks, Torben!
[12:50] Boroondas Gupte: users that aren't logged in will see the approved version
[12:50] Torben Trautman: and Daniel did mess up a lot
[12:50] Torben Trautman: lols
[12:50] Boroondas Gupte: logged in users can choose or something
[12:50] Boroondas Gupte: (what version to view)
[12:51] Simone Linden: Yeah, Aquiel. So the editor can make changes, but the final version that is on the public Wiki needs to get approved by an admin.
[12:51] Simone Linden: For the English KB those articles will have an approval stamp
[12:51] Simone Linden: Well, a symbol that looks like a stamp, that is...
[12:52] Boroondas Gupte: I think this system is already used on (some?) articles of the german Wikipedia
[12:52] Simone Linden: We had a meeting with Zai the other day to talk about that.
[12:52] Aquiel Saru: I thought the issue was ot the final version gets approved but the mad dash beforehand in various ppls editing, possibly at the same time and the same thing
[12:52] Simone Linden: So far, we are waiting for the Doc Team to finalize their workflow, then we will be able to make ours more concrete, too.
[12:53] Simone Linden: Zai has been involved in the Doc Team's process and knows it very well. Too bad she is not here tonight,...
[12:53] Simone Linden: so I have been heavily relying on her to help make everything work.
[12:53] Aquiel Saru: I like flow charts :)
[12:53] Boroondas Gupte: flow charts?
[12:53] Simone Linden: We will have one, soon...
[12:54] Aquiel Saru: Visual representation of a process
[12:54] Boroondas Gupte: oh, about the process
[12:54] Simone Linden: I think it will make sense to write down the workflow, so newcomers can work with us
[12:54] Simone Linden: Bye, Smitth
[12:55] Simone Linden: Have a good time!
[12:55] Aquiel Saru nods...and I like that you always include the process in the assignments so I think I'd like to understand the bigger picture better
[12:55] Smitth Blanco: Bye
[12:55] Smitth Blanco: Thank you
[12:56] Simone Linden: Boroondas, we can talk next week about version control.
[12:56] Simone Linden: My problem with the Wiki is, that I really don't understand it well enough....
[12:56] Simone Linden: I am still learing, so I need to educate myself more in order to make decisions....
[12:56] Simone Linden: or to explain things...
[12:56] Boroondas Gupte: :-D
[12:56] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:57] Aquiel Saru: Can we maybe ask Zai to explain it more to all of us sometime
[12:57] Simone Linden: YOu have to remember, that you guys are the pros.... I only work here. ;)
[12:57] Torben Trautman: Zai will be happy to do so
[12:57] Torben Trautman: she loves everything around the wiki
[12:57] Aquiel Saru: I'd really like that...I feel I sometimes miss something
[12:57] Simone Linden: Yes, and she has explained already a good deal to me.
[12:57] Simone Linden: OK.
[12:58] Simone Linden: Let me put that on the agenda for next week.
[12:58] Simone Linden: I know Zai will read the script *HI ZAI* and I will email her
[12:58] Torben Trautman: huhu Zai
[12:58] Aquiel Saru smiles
[12:58] Torben Trautman blows some kisses
[12:59] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:59] Boroondas Gupte waves to future Zai
[12:59] Aquiel Saru: Makes sure she'll have a PowerPoint presentation with concrete examples *grins*
[12:59] Simone Linden: Torben, could I ask you to take care of the transcript today?
[12:59] Torben Trautman: darn, I was scared you´d say that
[12:59] Simone Linden: LOL
[13:00] Torben Trautman: but I have a log so yes :)
[13:00] Simone Linden: Do you have any more questions?
[13:00] Aquiel Saru: Danke Schoen Torben
[13:00] Simone Linden: wb Yoa
[13:00] Aquiel Saru: I'll see how fast I can be with the edits and if I can do any more...some of them are quite short
[13:01] Simone Linden: Thanks, Aquiel. That is wonderful!
[13:01] Boroondas Gupte: hmm ... I think I still don't have an overview over all our recourses and channels ... could we start a wiki page to list them all?
[13:01] Simone Linden: Are you a member of the CT projects mailing list?
[13:01] Boroondas Gupte: yes
[13:02] Boroondas Gupte: And I saw various stuff mentioned on different wiki articles, but it's all very scattered
[13:02] Aquiel Saru: Simone, could you please check if I'm on there
[13:02] Simone Linden: I use that to send out notifications.
[13:02] Simone Linden: Yes. I agree.
[13:02] Simone Linden: There is SL Answers, the CT blog,
[13:02] Simone Linden: and I have used those but never got any reply
[13:03] Boroondas Gupte: Like it took me quite some time today, to find the glossary again ...
[13:03] Simone Linden: I think we should talk to Lexie... I will go to her OH tomorrow.
[13:03] Simone Linden: Oh, I am sorry!
[13:03] Torben Trautman: yay me too
[13:03] Simone Linden: Hang on, there is a good page. Let me look that one up for you!
[13:03] Boroondas Gupte: ok :-)
[13:03] Simone Linden:
[13:03] Simone Linden: Ramzi created that one.
[13:04] Simone Linden: has links to the glossary and the style guides
[13:04] Simone Linden: I think that might help, Aquiel.
[13:04] Aquiel Saru: Maybe it'll be great to have a New Member nc with all that info
[13:04] Simone Linden: Wir koennen jetzt auf Deutsch umsteigen.
[13:05] Simone Linden: Ja, soweit ich weiss, wurde an einem Doc fuer Einsteiger gearbeitet.
[13:05] Simone Linden: Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, wo das im MOment ist.
[13:05] Simone Linden: Ich habe das vor ein paar Wochen gesehen.
[13:05] Aquiel Saru: links...Erklaerungen/Definitionen was was ist
[13:05] Boroondas Gupte: Ich mag lieber wiki-seiten als notecards. Muss nicht inworld sein um die zu lesen, und sind einfacher upzudeten, da zentral gespeichert.
[13:05] Simone Linden: Torben, hattst Du nicht was damit zu tun?
[13:06] Torben Trautman: ich mache das video
[13:06] Simone Linden: Ich bekomme gerade das 6. Freundschaftsangebot von Deinem Sesssel, Boroondas.
[13:06] Torben Trautman: wenn Lara´s dokument fertig ist
[13:06] Simone Linden: Ah, oki.
[13:06] Boroondas Gupte: lol
[13:06] Aquiel Saru: Mir gleich wo es ist...halt alles zentral in einem Platz und einfacer zu verstehen was was ist und wie es miteinander zu tun hat
[13:07] Boroondas Gupte: Smithh?
[13:07] Simone Linden: Ja, wir haben in letzter Zeit viele neue Mitglieder... und es wird Zeit, das wir die Info etwas besser rausgeben.
[13:07] Simone Linden: Ja, von Smitth.
[13:07] Boroondas Gupte: der gehört nicht zu CT, oder?
[13:07] Simone Linden: Nein, der hatte sich verlaufen.
[13:08] Torben Trautman: hehe
[13:08] Simone Linden: Okay. Ich muss weiter.
[13:08] Boroondas Gupte: cu
[13:08] Simone Linden: Vielen, vielen Dank, dass Ihr hier wart!!!!!
[13:08] Aquiel Saru: Ja das meinte ich als ich sagte ich brauch nen besseren Ueberblick...ihr gebt zwar immer gleich Auskunft und auch links aber ich weiss manchmal nicht so genau wo ich's hinstecken muss
[13:08] Simone Linden: Uebrigens, twittere ich unter SimoneLinden
[13:08] Simone Linden: falls Ihr auch twittert, sagt mir bescheid.
[13:09] Aquiel Saru: Schoenen Abend Simone
[13:09] Boroondas Gupte: oh, noch eine Frage, bevor du gehst
[13:09] Simone Linden: ok
[13:09] Torben Trautman: NAchti Simone :)

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