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Enus is teh awesome!!!!!

Quick Question

Since I Keep Missing Most Of The Lindens Office Hours That I Want To Ask Questions Of, I'll Ask On Your Page. How Come There Isn't A Bot Type Account? Like There Is A 'Linden Lab Employee' Account And A 'Resident' Account, Why Not Have A Bot Account That Does Not Render Traffic? So Using Of Bots Who Have Purposes Aside From Modeling Don't Have To Be On Separated Parcels Just So They Wont Affect Traffic.

An Example Of Such A Purpose Would Be A Bot Scripted To Preform In An Automated Performance Or For Recording A Movie, Which Can Actually be More Precise Than Using Real People.

I'm Going To Try And Catch Your Next Office Hours, But If I Miss Them Again, At Least My Question Is Up Adi 20:06, 27 August 2009 (UTC)