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Here's a blow-by-blow list of what's changed, new, and some tips for the "Appearance Editor" in 2.1 — along with pictures and videos to help show you how it all works in action. The Appearance Editor has already seen numerous changes from 2.0 to 2.1, and we plan to continue improving it, so if you spot something outdated on this page, please update!

To get into the Appearance Editor, click the the My Appearance sidebar.


  • You can create New Clothes and New Body Parts from gear ("more options") menu.
  • When in Edit Outfit mode (click the wrench and screwdriver icon), the inventory search box is hidden by default. To open it, click Add More, then click the magnifying glass.
  • Replace no longer embarrassingly leaves you naked! Context: replacing one outfit with another used to leave you partially naked if the new outfit didn't contain, say, pants. Now, when you choose to wear an outfit, the system doesn't remove items you were wearing unless the new outfit contains a replacement.
  • Known design flaw: the Wearing tab only provides an Edit Outfit option when items are right-clicked. (See Erica Linden's explanation in VWR-20107.)