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Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.0(107) June 1, 2007

New features:

  • Group voice chat is available. This enables group voice conversation between avatars all across the grid, no matter where avatars are located in relation to each other.
  • Group voice chat is available for both "formal" Second Life groups and ad hoc groups (as is the case for text chat).
  • Group voice chat for "formal" Second Life groups can be initiated by clicking on the Groups tab in the Chatterbox and double-clicking on the group with which you'd like to chat.
  • Group voice chat with two or more friends can be initiated by clicking on the Friends tab in the Chatterbox, selecting multiple friends from the list, and clicking the "Call/IM" button.
  • If you were speaking in a spatial voice channel prior to joining a group voice chat, you will return to the same spatial voice channel after leaving the group voice chat.
  • The Talk button on the Voice tab contains a volume indicator (a dot to the right of the button text "Talk") that shows how loudly YOU are speaking. Green indicates a normal volume, red indicates too loud a volume (a standard across speaking indicators for voice).
  • Volume control and mute options are disabled on the "Near Me" tab in the Chatterbox when your own name is selected in the list of speakers.

Known Issues

  • Users do not see a notification or visible invitation to group voice conversations. We expect this to be fixed in the next release, so users can accept or reject calls and receive feedback that they've successfully joined.
  • Private voice chat with a single other user is not yet implemented.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.0(0) June 1, 2007


  • Auto-accept inventory and auto-preview texture/notecard/landmark are now separate preferences.
  • Viewing an embedded notecard or landmark no longer adds it to your inventory.
  • Muting the sender of notecards, inventory, textures, etc., now removes all blue pop-ups in the upper right corner from that sender.
  • Offline inventory transfers and group invites now include the name of the item or group, along with group role, in the email.
  • Added clear browser cache button to web prefs.
  • Embedded Mozilla browser now supports cookies.

Bug fixes:

  • VWR-870: Memory violation through uninitialized variable (invisible or unrendered flexis)
  • VWR-849: LLerror.cpp does not clean up global objects
  • VWR-823: Two unintialized variables in lltexturefetch.cpp
  • VWR-810: Destructor forgets to delete mFloaterContros member in llui/llview.cpp
  • VWR-809: Destructor fails to clean up global menus in llviewermenu.cpp
  • VWR-808: Incorrect cleanup in message.cpp
  • VWR-807: Forgets to delete gToolInspect in lltoolmgr.cpp
  • VWR-804: Quirk in llviewerwindow.cpp
  • VWR-805: LLCurl not properly cleaned up
  • VWR-765: Cannot open embedded notecards in other notecards when Automatic preview of new notecards/textures/landmarks is off
  • VWR-409: New Feature -> UI -> Dialog -> Buy Copy/Contents -> Default Action -> Cancel
  • VWR-682: Text Editors should try to preserve X cursor position
  • VWR-671: Line editor history for recalling previously typed lines
  • VWR-412: Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can't edit.
  • Fixed texture picker now shows any results unless inventory has been opened previously or a search term is typed
  • Fixed muted resident chat no longer shows up in your chat history
  • Fixed mute resident button now opens the user picker
  • Fixed in German client, all group abilities now available for group owners
  • Fixed closing a changed Classified now confirms changes
  • Fixed embedded Mozilla browser to work with HTTPS sites (affected Windows only)
  • Fixed items dragged from the contents of a container prim now have an acquired date
  • Fixed no MOD scripts could be modded by ppl granted Modify Rights

Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(105) May 22, 2007

New features:

  • The "Chatterbox" is a new communication hub that brings text and voice chat for group, individual (one-to-one), and spatial conversation into a single user interface.
  • This is the first iteration of the Chatterbox and it isn't perfect yet, so you may notice a few bugs.
  • The "Friends" tab of the Chatterbox shows a list of friends, via the "Friends' button in the viewer.
  • The "Groups" tab of the Chatterbox shows a list of groups to which a resident belongs.
  • The "Near Me" tab shows voice speakers in close proximity to a resident.


  • Audio devices are now enumerated and can subsequently be selected for use via the API. A device enumeration is provided when a user connects and when a a new device is added or removed.
  • Local audio intensity events are now exclusively generated by the local microphone energy.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed VWR-657: Beta -> Linux -> Startup -> Crash
  • Fixed object loss occuring when taking an item
  • Fixed render issues with tapered cubes
  • Fixed sculpt texture loss after when texture picker is cancelled
  • Fixed flexible sculpted prims becoming distorted
  • Fixed textures applied to sculpted prim at a 90 degree rotation
  • Fixed connection issue for users with Speedstream 6300 w/ VOIP routers connecting via port 5060. Failed registration attempts with Vivox servers on UDP port 5060 will automatically be attempted on UDP port 5062.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(4) May 21, 2007

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed VWR-657: Beta -> Linux -> Startup -> Crash
  • Fixed object loss occuring when taking an item
  • Fixed render issues with tapered cubes
  • Fixed sculpt texture loss after when texture picker is cancelled
  • Fixed flexible sculpted prims becoming distorted
  • Fixed textures applied to sculpted prim at a 90 degree rotation

Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(1) May 15, 2007

New Features:

  • Add "Mute" button to block unwanted notecards, landmarks, and textures
  • Particle systems are added to the restriction list in a resident's mute list


  • The orientation of the sculpt texture has changed.
    • All previously created sculpt textures will now make "inside-out" sculpties.
    • To fix this, flip the texture horizontally.

LSL Changes:

  • New function: llRegionSay()
    • Allows object to communicate region-wide
    • Does not allow communication on channel 0
    • This is intended to reduce simulator load by eliminating the need for relay objects

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed positioning of maximize button when minimizing both script and lsl window
  • Fixed positioning of LSL help window after minimizing/maximizing main script window
  • Text for several alert messages has been updated
  • Fixed issue where sculpted prims revert to spheres when zooming in/LOD change.
  • Fixed issue where sculpted prims loose texture map when texture picker is cancelled.
  • Fixed issue where not making a selection in the prim type changes sculpted prim to sphere until edit is closed
  • Fixed issue where scale edit handles would become lost inside a sculpted prim

Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(0) May 4, 2007

New Features


  • Voice changes since last voice beta release:
    • Active Speakers window opens via the 'Speakers' button and shows all active voice speakers in a channel
      • Also enables volume and mute control by individual speaker
    • Mute settings for voice only are now available via the Active Speakers window
      • Avatar 'pie menu' mute option still mutes both voice and text chat simultaneously
      • This will change in future releases
  • Alt-Left and Alt-Right switch between tabs in IM
  • Ctrl-W closes one panel in IM
  • Ctrl-Shift-W closes all windows
  • Inventory sort optionally sorts system folders on top
  • Busy mode declines notecards and textures, and accepts other inventory transfers silently
  • Offline IMs from objects include object name, owner, type and SLURL
  • L$ displays 'Loading...' if balance is not yet retrieved

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a client crash when deleting objects from inventory
  • Fixed '... has left the session' when leaving group chat after talking
  • Fixed failed email when no subject is included
  • Fixed closing an inventory folder while selecting inside moves selection to My Inventory
  • Fixed build if llmozlib disabled
  • Fixed avatar name not remaining within background box
  • Fixed graphics cards with unlisted memory sizes defaulting to 16MB
  • Fixed Alt-WASD camera controls while sitting
  • Fixed first digit in Pay dialog cannot be deleted
  • Fixed minimap not opening on first login
  • Fixed 'Use Selection for Grid' referencing edge of region and not reference prim
  • Removed avatar eyeball shader
  • VWR-38: Magic Opening Folders
  • VWR-42: llSetSoundQueueing() is broken
  • VWR-71: Tabulating and moving by word (Ctrl-left, ctrl-right) off-by-one errors in scripting editor.
  • VWR-136: Seg fault in llpolymorph.cpp
  • VWR-148: llListStatistics tooltip wrong
  • VWR-165: First Digit in the 'Pay' dialog does not erase without entering more digits
  • VWR-166: moving of open folders in the inventory to an other indentation level leaves the contents on the previous level
  • VWR-326: Allow a 'limit texture recieving' in the client
  • VWR-346: Selecting Client>Character>Flush Animations immediately crashes 1.14.0.x
  • VWR-379: Fix shell scripts to use bash and not sh when appropriate.
  • VWR-429: add scons option making FMOD optional
  • VWR-414: 8-bit character in llagent.cpp comment confuses Japanese text editors

Release Notes for Second Life 1.15.0(1) April 20, 2007

Bug fixes:

  • Improved performance of inventory operations
  • Removed First Land filter in Search
  • Improved recognition of some processor types
  • Fixed extra face when using hollow with path cut
  • Fixed a way to teleport to Orientation Islands
  • Fixed right-click on your own avatar if you have a HUD attachment
  • Fixed llSetText appearance on HUD attachments
  • Fixed About Land reporting the wrong parcel when teleporting between estates
  • Fixed a source of stalled Pending Uploads
  • Fixed Texture Repeats Per Face rounding incorrectly when tabbing between fields

Release Notes for Second Life 1.15.0(0) April 17, 2007


  • Inworld rating system has been removed

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed list selection triggering when mouse-up occurs over scrollbar
  • Fixed Get Top Scripts not sorting on refresh
  • Fixed a simulator crash related to group messages
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting of groups on profile
  • Fixed display of group voting history
  • Fixed group chat not reopening when user relogs or closes chat session
  • Fixed ability to start group messages and multi-user conferences
  • Fixed cutoff of Help -> About Second Life text

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(2) April 13, 2007


  • Alpha textures sorted more accurately
    • Example: the hollow inner surface of a sphere will no longer draw on top of the outer surface
    • This change will cause some content (which used this bug to imitate cel-shading) to look dramatically different
  • Larger debug beacons (View > Beacon)
    • You can now set the beacon size in Preferences -> Adv. Graphics (Range is 1-127)
  • Groups are now searched with an index (refreshed daily)
    • Searches are done against the full text of the group, including charter
    • Clicking on a group found via search still shows up-to-date information
  • Added 'Add as Friend' button to profile
  • Added |< and >| buttons to scroll to the ends of IM window conversations
  • Added parcel flag for Mature Content
    • Parcel searches use the parcel rating instead of the region rating
  • Groups list window taller and resizeable


  • LSL Wiki is not editable from within the Second Life viewer

were added to llGetParcelFlags()/llSetParcelFlags several versions many builds ago, but not documented. These will now appear correctly in the script editor.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed OK button not enabling after editing profile
  • Fixed pie menu options shifting position when right-clicking avatar
  • Fixed a sim crash related to group messages
  • Fixed combo box not closing after hitting Tab
  • Fixed gap with combo boxes on bottom of the screen
  • Fixed combo boxes not closing when hitting button
  • Fixed proposals being created with incorrect information
  • Fixed agent information not displaying for land/objects
  • Fixed group information for members/roles not loading
  • Fixed IM window showing all users in bold
  • Fixed font of Bumps, Pushes, Hits window
  • Fixed objects appearing in two places while moving in editor
  • Fixed a client crash with some mobile ATI chipsets
  • Fixed button images when first running SL
  • Fixed overlapping text in proposals in group info window
  • Fixed selecting group roles not updating UI
  • Fixed avatar names not appearing when Show Avatar Names Temporarily is enabled
  • Fixed New IM showing (nobody) for group names
  • Fixed task email failing between regions
  • Fixed avatar reverting to default appearance
  • Fixed broken embedded landmarks when editing their notecard
  • Fixed display of Terms of Service
  • Fixed a case where you could not modify your modifyable object
  • Fixed attachments disappearing a minute after teleport
  • Fixed ability to set Mature on parcels in non-Mature regions
  • Fixed saving changes to notecards in contents
  • Fixed HUD positioning guide misaligning when UI Size changed
  • Fixed a case where no-copy objects could be lost during rez
  • Fixed textures in windows only stretching horizontally
  • Fixed texture animation rotation changing when Flip is enabled
  • Fixed erroneous 'User has left this session' messages
  • Fixed display bug with a cube with Path Cut Begin/End set to .150

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(1) April 2, 2007


  • Users are now notified if they are the only ones present in a group or conference session

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: VWR-130: llimagejpeg.h remove jinclude.h
  • Fixed: VWR-200: money(); events in a linked sets fail to trigger
  • Fixed: VWR-243: Sort inventory System folders to the top

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(0) March 23, 2007


  • Teleport Home disabled for new users on an Orientation Island
  • Share With Group disabled after object is deeded to group

LSL changes:

  • string llStringTrim(string src, integer trim_type)
    • STRING_TRIM_HEAD: trim all leading spaces in src
    • STRING_TRIM_TAIL: trim all trailing spaces in src
    • STRING_TRIM: trim all leading and trailing spaces in src

Bug fixes:

  • New groups are instantly searchable
  • Fixed disappearing alpha HUD prims
  • Fixed menu bar processing keystrokes when moused over
  • Fixed detached IM windows not resizing
  • Fixed animated textures when using llSetColor, llSetLinkColor, or PRIM_PROPERTIES
  • Fixed HUD object movement when logging in at a no-script area
  • Fixed HUD objects not loading new textures
  • Fixed HUD objects becoming invisible the first time they are attached from inworld
  • Fixed 'IM All Contacts In Folder'
  • Fixed a viewer crash in the name cache
  • Fixed Undo resetting position only on root prim
  • Fixed Texture Picker search not showing results
  • Fixed IM window reverting to default size
  • Fixed overriding stand-up animation freezing you in place
  • Fixed Appearance mode showing back of avatar