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breedable animal second life
Snuffles are one of several varieties of breedable animals in Second life.

Breedable Animals Guide For Second Life

One of the most popular pastimes in Second Life is the caring for, feeding and breeding of virtual animals in Second Life. Over the years these animals have developed and a whole community of breeders and traders has emerged. Some players become so good at breeding animals that they are able to earn linden dollar profits from the buying and selling of them.

Breedables List

ADS Company


Most aptly described as squirrel type creatures, Snuffles are a breedable animal in Second Life with a thriving secondary market for the breeding and trading of Snuffle Burrows.

Snuffles were the first breedables to support the new pathfinding navigation system which reduces the lag that they produce when compared to older generations of breedables.


Shubbies are a breedable pet that act as companions in the Fish Hunt

Amaretto Horses

Amaretto Horses are a type of breedable, breading features are primarily coat and appearance.


CritterBreeds are a variety of breedable pets for all ages.

The Main Store is located here.


Fennux are a type of combat pet.

Square kitty.png


KittyCatS are highly interactive cats that can be petted, cuddled and held. Owners and non-owners alike can interact with the adorable cats. KittyCatS are the first[citation needed] to take breeding OUTSIDE of SL with their KittyCatS Cattery. The Cattery is is a section of their website thus making breeding available to internet browsing devices, such as iPads.

KittyCatS won the Avi Choice Award 2012 for Favorite Breedable in Second Life.


Krafties are a type of combat pet. Krafties allow you to fight against different owners and craft items.


Meeroos are a fantasy animal somewhat resembling a meerkat, with an elaborate backstory of their mythological origins. The first chapter of the story introduced the ground-based diurnal Meeroos, the second chapter introduces nocturnal Meeroos who emerged from caverns.

There is a third-party market for Meeroos: Meeroo Market.

Oceania Breedables

~Oceania Breedables~ are a 100% Mesh aquatic breedable, featuring creatures such as sharks, fish, and other aquatic creatures both large and small.

There is a fishing game associated with the breedable, as well as a 'tanking' system which can be used to build custom tanks that Oceania Breedables creatures can detect the boundaries of while swimming.



Ozimals' flagship Bunny product was officially released on Jan 9 2010. The product was the first successful breedable product to rely upon real genetic principles as part of its gameplay.


Pufflings are small stylized birds which can be raised and bred for rare traits using similar genetic breeding principles as the other Ozimals product, bunnies.

Papillon Breedables

Papillons are a collection of breedable butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies and plants. All the various insects and plants interact, along with accessories, to create an interdependent ecosystem. There is also an optional Adventure Game that can be played with the flutters.

WildWood Kitties

Wildwood Kitties are a type of breedable cat.

External Articles & Sites

Lawsuits between Ozimals and Amaretto have been in progress since 2010. Wikipedia has an article on Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC v. Ozimals, Inc.

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