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This page links to tools & tutorials for making clothing and skins Please add your fave tuts, remove obviated bits, and improve the usefulness of this resource!


  • Clothing & Skin Templates - By Chip Midnight. These templates are even higher-rez than the official ones. Chip Midnight is an original master of fine fashions in SL. Once you get really serious about detail, you’ll want to get these and have a deep look.
  • Second Life tutorials - By Robin Sojourner AKA Robin Wood. She has a really elegant, organized approach. Check out her fantasy art as proof! She’s mentioned that she’ll be adding more to this site, so keep watching, and check out her posts on the forums too, like her fab T-Shirt Template — learn how to make wrinkles without photo-sourcing! Download also her UV templates.
  • Second Life Clothing Tutorials - By LeeZu Baxter. The creator of [LeeZu!] Designs, LeeZu Baxter offers step by step tutorials to assist new builders as they face the challenges of creating their own original designs.
  • Second Life Clothing Tutorials - By Minmo Dreadlow. A Simple tutorial on how to create a t-shirt using photoshop, or turn your own clothing into secondife clothes with photoshop. Offers several free shirt fabrics as well.
  • Tattoo Creation - By Amber Stonecutter. Tattoos may be likened to clothes that are harder to take off, at least offline. The magic unfolds in this thread. Amber had never made a tutorial before, and in response to Flugel inquiring, she spontaneously cooked one up — pictures and all! She even got props from Chosen and Robin.
  • How to make SL clothes in the Gimp - By Seshat Czeret. The first installment of a series of SL clothing tutorials, each linked to the next. The series starts with preparation, and continues with making a simple t-shirt and adding highlights and shadows. It explains why you do each step, as well as how.
Also see The Theory of Second Life Skin and Clothing. This is useful regardless of which image program you use.
  • Cassie Clowes Clothing Videos - By Cassie Clowes. Read the FAQ regarding information. Video tutorials that are high quality and with clothing templates (socks, tshirts, pants, etc)

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