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Event: email( string <span title="In the (string)llGetUnixTime format" style="border-bottom:1px dotted; cursor:help;">time, string address, string subject, string message, integer num_left ){ ; }</span>

Triggered as a result of calling llGetNextEmail when there is an email that matches the optional filters used during the llGetNextEmail call. The email is removed from the email queue.

• string time In the (string)llGetUnixTime format
• string address
• string subject
• string message
• integer num_left The number of emails left in the email queue

The email queue is associated with the prim and any script in the prim has access to it.
The prim's email address is it's key with "" appended, llGetKey() + ""[1].


  • The email queue is limited to 100 emails, any email after that is bounced.
  • Due to bug SVC-23 (present since 2005), objects may stop receiving emails completely until either the region is restarted or the object crosses a region boundary (resetting the script doesn't help). Emails sent may eventually be received after a restart/region-cross. Hence, don't rely on this event for reliable inter-region messaging.
  • The message field may have a maximum of 1000 characters. This count includes the header information (the from address, and the subject).
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For tips on how to process incoming emails received by this event, see the entry on llEmail

See Also


•  llEmail
•  llGetNextEmail

Deep Notes


  1. ^ Beta grid email address are constructed differently: llGetKey() + "@lsl." + grid + ""; for the main beta grid set grid to "aditi".


event void email( string time, string address, string subject, string message, integer num_left );