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When a function is called it uses energy, when an object runs out of energy all scripts inside it stop executing. Energy slowly returns to an object over time.

Please describe how it works! Answer at least the following questions:

  • What's the energy content of an object?
    • Depends on the mass
  • Is it possible to calculate the energy consumption of an action, e.g., running a script;
    • Yes, but it is involved.
  • When the energy is consumed how much time does it take to build it up again?
    • 200/mass units of energy per second.
  • During the energy build-up can we execute all actions needing less energy than the energy available?
    • Yes, energy regenerates while the script runs.


  • Does the script totally stop when it runs out of energy? Or pause?
    • The script pauses until enough energy has regenerated to continue.
  • Are events that occur during such an "energy pause" queued up so when it it restarted they are then triggered?
    • Think so yes.
  • At what rate does energy return (so one can add pauses in scripts for energy to return)?
    • 200/mass units of energy per second.