German speaking Linguists/2009 02 04 Transcript

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A short summary of the topics and decisions of this meeting:

  • Future meetings will be in Tenera since Localization Central isn't open for all GsL members
  • Ideas for improvement of Localization Central can be discussed at the mailing list(s)
  • WEB-956 is a known issue and developers are trying to fix it
  • The CT Wiki archive will be extended with with "last update", as well as Japanese and French issues.
  • KB articles on the to do list should belong to either NUE (New User Experience), Land or LindeX
    • Suggestion: Take articles from Second Life Beginers category
    • Mail suggestions to Simone ( )

Office Hour Part:

  • CT-168 needed an editor (Torben assigned himself)
  • No news on Localization Portal, BUT:
Simone made her Linden Bear!
Woot! (^_^)


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