How to change your appearance

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In your Second Life, you can change nearly anything about your appearance: height, weight, hair, face, skin color...but rather than explaining, we'll just show you.

  1. Find and open your camera controls
  2. They are located on your top most menu under VIEW
  3. Right-click on yourself. Select Appearance.
  4. Sometimes, There may be a short delay. before the sliders work.
  5. use the camera controls to turn your avatar to face you
  6. Click the Shape tab to edit your body shape.
  7. Click the Body button. Now try moving the Height and Thickness sliders. Neat, huh?
  8. Click the Nose button and try moving the Nose Size and Nose Thickness sliders. How about that!
  9. Try some of the other buttons and sliders.
  10. If you don't like what you got, click Revert to go back to your original look.
  11. If you like what you see, click Save As and choose a name for your new shape.
  12. In the 'edit appearance interface', you will find the name of the skin you are editing.

Remember that you can change your appearance anytime, as often as you want, for free -- so don't worry if everything isn't perfect. Move on any time you're ready.

Note: You can also get to the appearance window by clicking on Edit in the menu bar and selecting Appearance.


Eric Linden The Tell Merlin

Remember also one very important thing about changing your Appearance in Second Life : with your first avatar shape and skin, you can edit as much as you want or like, as there are literally millions of changes you can make using the all the different sliders. But... most new Residents will eventually want to buy a new shape, or at least a new skin (or pick up one of the excellent freebies available).

As a new Resident you may think that a new skin can be edited as much as your first avatar's skin. Not so! Usually there are minimal or no changes you can make, and if you decide that the new skin (or shape) has changed the familiar 'you' which you spent so long creating, the only thing you can do is to revert to the saved 'you'. Er, you did save it, didn't you? Rule #1 : always save versions of yourself before wearing new shapes or new skins.

The other alternative is to get used to the changed 'you' which the new skin gives you - or have various 'you's' to choose from : a new skin for certain occasions, and your first avatar skin for others.

Tid Kidd