Inworld Locations for Volunteers

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International Areas


  • French school - Accueil francophone : a full sim with dedicated french helper, classes, and translated notecard. (yet another non-profit sim hosted and paid by "kerunix Flan")
  • Area 51 : The main french sim. Usually full and laggy, but with usefull ressources, classes and sandbox. (it's just next to the French School)
  • See also (still french) : Ile de France , Wild Vertigo , Europe , La Playa Del Noob(with a linden gallery) , Loisir Area, SL Ecosystem Working Group (international ALife project hosted in french sim) , and Tohama, Nebuleuse, Croix du sud, Aurore. Those sim are not dedicated to SL Education, but you'll usually find french helper. Usefull groups dedicated to French support : "cooperation francaise" (over 1000 members).



Welcome Areas

Linden Meeting Spaces

Volunteer Support

  • Volunteer HQ
  • Second Life Helper's Lyceum
  • Teh Mental House : Access restricted to mentor, greeter and live helper. Just a peacefull full sim for (spammmmm) stressed volunteers :D. Feel free to build anything cool, if you can find some free space (Sim hosted and paid by "kerunix Flan")

Help Islands

Please note that only Volunteers can access Help Islands. However, "Help Island Public" is accessible by anyone.