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The age verification feature extends your ability to control who may or may not access your land. Specifically, it allows you to deny access to any Residents who have not verified their adult status. If a parcel or estate owner limits access only to Residents who are age-verified, any unverified Residents trying to enter the land are blocked and receive instructions on how to verify their age.

KBnote.png Note: Note: If your land has content that is particularly sensitive or adult in nature, it is your responsibility to expressly ban adults who have not verified their ages. In all cases, we expect the community to continue to be effective and responsible in ensuring that Residents are sufficiently protected from potentially inappropriate and/or offensive content that is adult in nature.

The age verification requirement is supported at both the parcel and estate levels.

Parcel Management

For individual parcels, landowner access and ban controls have been consolidated into a single Access tab, located in the About Land window.

If Age-verified adults is selected, Residents who have not successfully age-verified are not allowed access. This checkbox is deselected by default, allowing all Residents to access the parcel even if they have not verified their ages through the application on the Second Life website. If a parcel owner selects this checkbox, only Residents who are age-verified in this manner can access the parcel.

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Estate Management

For estates, access controls are located in the Estate tab of the Region/Estate window. If Age-verified adults is selected, Residents who have not successfully age-verified are not allowed access.

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