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* [[MLPV2]]
* [[MLPV2]]
* [[MLPV2_Color_Changer_Add-on]]
* [[MLPV2_Color_Changer_Add-on]]
* [[MLPV2_Ambient_Sound_Add-on]]
* [[MLPV2_Ambiant_Sound_Add-on]]
* [[MLPV2_Props_Texture_Changer_Add-on]]
* [[MLPV2_Props_Texture_Changer_Add-on]]

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Simple add on tool for MLPV2 that puts a button on the MLPV2 menu that, when clicked, gives a user a choice of textures for prims in the object with the MLPV2 scripts. (This script won't work for props, only for the prim where the MLPV2 scripts are, and the prims linked to it)

By Teq Hutchinson, November 2009.

Steps to use:

  1. Create a new script in your inventory. Name it whatever you want, but I recommend "~~texture".
  2. Drop this script into every prim that you want retexturable;
  3. Add the textures you wish to use into each retexturable prim;
  4. Add lines like the following to a menu in your MLPV2 .MENUITEMS.* notecard:
LINKMSG Choice1 | 0,-1,987777,Texture1
LINKMSG Choice2 | 0,-1,987777,Texture2

Each line creates a menu button. There are two elements for you to customize as appropriate:

  • Choice1 : the wording that you want to appear for the button on the blue menu.
  • Texture1 :the name (case and spacing sensitive) of the texture you need to use.

<lsl> // Texture Changer script // add-on by Teq Hutchinson for MLPV2. November 2009. // simplified by Lear Cale, March 2011

default {

   link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id)
       if (num == 987777 && llGetInventoryType(str) == INVENTORY_TEXTURE)
           // This will apply your texture to all the sides of the prim
           // SEE https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetTexture if you need something different
           llSetTexture(str, ALL_SIDES);

} </lsl>