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Machinima Content Companies

Content Companies that offer Machinima services exclusively (in alphabetical order)

  • A Planet Video is a professional machinima company operating full time and exclusively in Second Life. Established in 2006, with 25 years new media and digital video experience to draw on, and a client list that includes Microsoft, Sun Mirosystems, Intel, NCR and HBO, their work is authoritative. Nominees in the First European Machinima Festival (2007) in the category "Best Commercial Machinima". Dedicated in-world purpose-built facility situated at Klaw(56,56,21).
  • Borg Films of Cecil Hirvi Cecil Hirvi writes, directs, photographs as well as composes music in RL and is now bringing his unique skill set to the Virtual World Community. Borg Films and Cecil can custom design your in-world film to fit your need... from ultra-creative, poetic and passionate to down-to-earth, no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is machinimas. All films are edited and mastered digitally in quicktime, mpeg-2/4..wmv, Flash and other formats to suit your needs. Consider the ultimate cost, flexibility (and time) of hiring a talented individual versus a group of people and think, "We should go with Cecil!" Click Here for Online Portfolio: [1]
  • Lainy Voom Machinima - Professional video production from a highly experienced and skilled machinimist. Services include; concept, art direction, high quality capture/render, sound engineering and post production. Specialising in unique, eye-catching and informative video pieces. Please view website for portfolio.
  • Machinima by Silver and Goldie is a high-end professional machinima production firm offering script-to-screen service, backed by 20 years of real life video production experience. Clients include Linden Lab, Cisco Systems, Intel, IHG and the Nature Conservancy. Scriptwriting, soundtracks, hi-def machinima capture, Final Cut Pro editing, DVD, web and streaming distribution.
  • Skribe Productions is a complete production house and creative media consultancy, specialising in the conceptualisation, writing, production, direction and post-production of professional Second Life video and machinima. Our client list includes CBS, CSI:NY, American Express, The Electric Sheep Company, Evian & Wunderman. Contact us today to see how we can bring your work in Second Life to the world.
  • Susi-Machinima is the Machinima production company of Susi Spicoli , who has done work for Zerox, Eolus, the National Physics Laboratory, Broadcom, Playboy and many others. Does custom work and licensing of existing clips.
  • Tube2SL is a Machinima production and Second Life broadcasting company. We can produce machinima to your brief ranging from business adverts to music videos. We are also the worlds first internet TV station whose programmes are uploaded and scheduled by YOU the public. Our network of resident owned TVs, Second Life public media booths and the Tube2SL Cinema Complex in conjunction with the Tube2SL website provide a unique video hosting and broadcasting system for our members. Any machinima produced by Tube2SL for your company automatically benefits from 30 days free scheduled broadcasting in Second Life. For further information contact SL Loonie or visit
  • WBA-Advertising in Second Life, carryout a wide range of Machinima both for the community of Second Life and RL companies wishing for Outfacing projects. A Full Turnkey Solution, including:- storyboard/scripts, actors/models, scene and set building, full movie production, host and streaming from our dedicated servers, full supply and installation of SL's most powerful media system, to view your created media on.

Content Companies that offer Machinima in addition to other services (in alphabetical order)

ISN Virtual Worlds The leading virtual worlds service provider in Italy. We produced several Fictions entirely made in machinima in Second Life, various films on education, social advertising, documentaries. We produce mobile phones content made with machinima.

Metaverse TV Full serviced internet television channel based and filmed in Virtual Worlds and Second Life. Offering a wide array of machinima production packages and advertising as well as original streaming content delivered throughout the World Wide Web and Virtual Worlds.