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; Past Meetings
; Past Meetings
:[[Open Source Meeting/2007-10-25]]
:[[Open Source Meeting/2007-10-18]]
:[[Open Source Meeting/2007-10-18]]
:[[Open Source Meeting/2007-10-11]]
:[[Open Source Meeting/2007-10-11]]

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Opensource meetings at Hippotropolis.jpg

Open source meeting - Thursday, 2pm PT in HippotropolisD

Open Source Meeting/Agenda

Past Meetings
Open Source Meeting/2007-10-25
Open Source Meeting/2007-10-18
Open Source Meeting/2007-10-11
Open Source Meeting/2007-10-04
Open Source Meeting/2007-09-27
Open Source Meeting/2007-09-20
Open Source Meeting/2007-09-06
Open Source Meeting/2007-08-30
Open Source Meeting/2007-08-23
Open Source Meeting/2007-08-16
Open Source Meeting/2007-07-19
Open Source Meeting/2007-07-12