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[14:05] Merov Linden: as far as my status, it's mostly 2.0 bug reducing (as reducing a sauce...)
[14:05] Merov Linden: we're down to 34 right now from 52 last week
[14:05] Thickbrick Sleaford: so we'll be left with concentrated essence of bug?
[14:05] Oz Linden chuckles
[14:06] Cummere Mayo: lol thick
[14:06] Merov Linden: yeap: the one that reduce to tar and full of nasty stuff :D
[14:06] Merov Linden: I did sometimes assigned bugs for further info to some of you
[14:07] Merov Linden: I know it's a bit heavy handed so I hope you won't hate me for it
[14:07] Merov Linden: I do need help especially on Linux testing
[14:07] WolfPup Lowenhar: only thing is though that any patch i make i will not be able to commit
[14:07] Latif Khalifa: that's how it's normally done, assign to a person to get feedback :)
[14:07] Merov Linden: when people report things that I can't repro on Windows or Mac
[14:08] Merov Linden: WolfPup: true, you're not a committer yet but any committer can do the job
[14:09] Hot strong coffee!!
[14:09] WolfPup Lowenhar: hey robin
[14:09] Merov Linden: k, again, I'm driving as fast as I can down that 2.0 finish lane
[14:10] Merov Linden: help with tests, patches appreciated
[14:10] Cummere Mayo: I can try and help with tests some till this weekend
[14:11] Merov Linden: when that's done, we'll a little to "bake" the release, organizing a "test spring" and declare the version official
[14:11] Merov Linden: then it's viewer-external merge (2.1) and onward on more interesting stuff
[14:11] Merov Linden: Pffew...
[14:11] Latif Khalifa: first you need to pray to merge gods ;)
[14:12] Merov Linden: I have a collection of candles, gri-gris, etc... :)
[14:12] Latif Khalifa: i know this dance that can help make them more mellow :D
[14:12] Merov Linden: ok :)
[14:13] Cummere Mayo: latif lap dances only work for a few minutes then they want more
[14:13] Merov Linden: OZ, news fro SL7B events?
[14:13] Merov Linden: Have you guys been there?
[14:13] Merov Linden did spent some time there yesterday
[14:13] Nicky Perian: yestereday
[14:13] Robin Cornelius: I was there for a quite a lot of time today
[14:13] Latif Khalifa: i have seen the snowglobe booth, very nice
[14:13] Robin Cornelius: from morning my time
[14:13] Cummere Mayo: sl7b? I have. i didnt spend allot of time in the sg booth but it was nice
[14:14] Merov Linden: I had a long chat in French with a German res :)
[14:14] Oz Linden: I've had a hectic day - was there much traffic, Robin?
[14:14] Latif Khalifa: (i was trying to find it, why the people who made sl7b didn't enable search for the parcels there is beyond me :)
[14:14] Robin Cornelius: i've got search enabled on SG parcel, or so i thought, i did that before they locked the land controls
[14:14] Oz Linden: There's a teleport directly to it up on the plaza on top of the hill here
[14:15] Latif Khalifa: Robin, I could not find it
[14:15] Robin Cornelius: meh
[14:15] Oz Linden: (search is not working right at SL7B)
[14:15] WolfPup Lowenhar: one thing is the LM i used to try and get there when i went this morning was actualy in the wrong spot
[14:15] Robin Cornelius: its in my picks if anyone us looking
[14:15] Nicky Perian: i had lag walk into never never land several times while i was there
[14:15] Robin Cornelius: *is
[14:15] Oz Linden:
[14:15] Latif Khalifa: i tried "Snowglobe viewer" in the old 1.23 serach places (which works)
[14:15] WolfPup Lowenhar: i have the same thing happen on the tram tour
[14:15] Latif Khalifa: i mean it insta-works unlike the viewr2 google thingie
[14:15] Merov Linden: did folks went to Philip's talk?
[14:16] Latif Khalifa: but it was not there
[14:16] Merov Linden didn't
[14:16] Cummere Mayo: is it jsut me or does sl7b as a whole seem less crowded then sl6b was?
[14:16] Latif Khalifa: Merov,I've listened to the recording, the sim was full
[14:16] Cummere Mayo skipped philops talk. didn't want banned again...
[14:16] Latif Khalifa:
[14:16] WolfPup Lowenhar: i think it might seem less crowed as it is on more sims i thing
[14:16] WolfPup Lowenhar: think*
[14:17] Hot strong coffee!!
[14:18] WolfPup Lowenhar: viewer problems robin?
[14:18] Latif Khalifa: robin, what is crashing you so much lol
[14:18] Latif Khalifa: must be sg2 ;)
[14:18] WolfPup Lowenhar: im on sg2 custom built
[14:18] Robin Cornelius: oh i'm in the middle of important changes and i need to keep debugging as i go
[14:18] Merov Linden: I'm using SG2 right now and not crashing :p
[14:18] WolfPup Lowenhar: in fact im doing a test right now
[14:19] Merov Linden: me 2: spending more than few minutes at a time with the trunk build
[14:19] Cummere Mayo: im using one of the sg2.0 builds. not sure which one.
[14:19] WolfPup Lowenhar: i think i just found a bug in the snap shot code
[14:20] Merov Linden: I've oneJIRA I'm working on: SNOW-646
[14:20] JIRA helper:
[14:20] Merov Linden: I'm wrking on your patch Nicky
[14:20] Latif Khalifa: snapshot code is a bug, some people claim </channeling_tillie>
[14:20] Nicky Perian: :-))
[14:20] Merov Linden: making it more general so that we don't cut/paste scripts like that for every version of VS/VC
[14:21] Nicky Perian: good
[14:21] Merov Linden: I'll need your help to test my changes though :)
[14:21] Nicky Perian: Did you read my last comment
[14:21] WolfPup Lowenhar: there is a two stage proble to that issue
[14:21] Merov Linden: making sure they work on VC90
[14:21] Nicky Perian: yes i will
[14:21] Nicky Perian: just let me know
[14:22] Merov Linden: Nicky: nope, I was trying to work through the "easy" ones in the list
[14:22] Nicky Perian: i did the cmake
[14:22] Nicky Perian: and easy one
[14:22] Merov Linden checks
[14:22] WolfPup Lowenhar: in vc90 the plugin in question has a runtime issue befor it fails to load in tthe viewer
[14:23] WolfPup Lowenhar: it is trying to use two different c++ libs
[14:23] Nicky Perian: that I think we can kick down a ways and just solve the building
[14:23] WolfPup Lowenhar: at least the last time i tried to build it
[14:23] Merov Linden: thanks for the new data Nicky
[14:23] Merov Linden: very useful
[14:23] Robin Cornelius: Sorry got to relog *again*
[14:23] Nicky Perian: yw
[14:24] WolfPup Lowenhar: i have snapshots of the errors i got for that issue
[14:25] Hot strong coffee!!
[14:26] Merov Linden: Robin, before to disappear again, how are things with SOCKS5 port? :)
[14:27] Aleric Inglewood: Robin is working on SNOW-713 FIRST
[14:27] JIRA helper:
[14:27] Thickbrick Sleaford: heh
[14:28] Nicky Perian: Aleric; I am ready to build with 713 as soon as we leave here
[14:29] Nicky Perian: unless that is too many spoons in the soup
[14:29] WolfPup Lowenhar: looks like ill have to do an svn update then rebuild
[14:29] WolfPup Lowenhar: after the meeting
[14:29] Merov Linden: I had a question on SNOW-678
[14:29] JIRA helper:
[14:30] Aleric Inglewood: Nicky: it won't work.. we need Robin to attach a new patch first before it makes sense to retry a compile for you :/
[14:30] Merov Linden: I *have* a question: this feature is in 2.0 but sems to be doing nothing
[14:30] Nicky Perian: ok
[14:30] Robin Cornelius: Merov, i'm still backed up, i'm desperatly trying to finish off these other projects i "must" finish first before i get massivly in to an open source feature/fix
[14:30] Merov Linden: k, understood Robin
[14:31] Merov Linden: about 678: anyone making use of that feature?
[14:31] Latif Khalifa doesn't know anyone who does
[14:31] Merov Linden: it seems to be dead to me in SG2.0, in ways that the original patch in 1.x moot
[14:32] Oz Linden: that issue isn't very illuminating...
[14:32] Merov Linden: I'm wondering if it's worth any effort
[14:32] Oz Linden: skip it and see who complains ?
[14:32] Cummere Mayo: what exactly is that feature suppsoed to do in 2.0?
[14:33] Merov Linden: well: it's like broken windows: some menu option is there that does nothing at all....
[14:33] Merov Linden: looks absurd...
[14:33] Thickbrick Sleaford: I was under the vague impression it was needed for Mm Adler's XUI-in-scripts project.
[14:33] Thickbrick Sleaford: (the "magical scripted hud")
[14:34] Merov Linden: Thickbrick: yes though the original intent was to make XUI hacking easier (I think)
[14:34] Merov Linden: clearly, not even Mm Alder cares now
[14:34] Latif Khalifa: well then the correct fix would be to remove the menu option to stop confusing people :)
[14:35] Cummere Mayo shrugs. "if thats the case, cut it out for now and add it back on if people complain?"
[14:35] Merov Linden: Latif: that's exactly what I think
[14:35] Robin Cornelius: can some one IM me a moment please?
[14:35] Nicky Perian: y
[14:35] Oz Linden sent robin an IM
[14:36] Aleric Inglewood: <silence>
[14:36] Merov Linden: Thickbrick: any action on SNOW-667
[14:36] JIRA helper:
[14:36] Merov Linden: ?
[14:37] Nicky Perian: I solved a problem in SNOW-704
[14:37] JIRA helper:
[14:38] Thickbrick Sleaford: nothing yet on -667... I haven't had the chance to figure it out yet.
[14:38] Thickbrick Sleaford: sorry
[14:38] Aleric Inglewood: Did Nyx say anything about that one?
[14:38] Nicky Perian: not much
[14:38] Aleric Inglewood: I assigned it to him, cause I thought it would have to do with his new code.
[14:38] Nicky Perian: higher prioroties i think
[14:39] Aleric Inglewood: but he is is silent - then I wonder if he got noticed about the assignment?
[14:39] Nicky Perian: yes
[14:39] Nicky Perian: i went to office hours last week
[14:39] Aleric Inglewood: Hmm, I'd take crashes in MY code very very serious :p
[14:39] Merov Linden: I'm sure he does
[14:39] Merov Linden: I'd venture he didn't notice the report
[14:40] Merov Linden: ping him, best bet
[14:40] Nicky Perian: ok
[14:40] Aleric Inglewood: Nicky: you might want to visit one of his office hours then and ask him
[14:40] Nicky Perian: ok
[14:40] Robin Cornelius: i think i'm almost ready to wrap this up and fire by code ball over the wall ;-)
[14:40] Nicky Perian: ill but on his agenda
[14:41] Thickbrick Sleaford: he's also on #opensl
[14:41] Latif Khalifa: Robin o/
[14:41] Nicky Perian: kk
[14:42] Merov Linden: seems like everyone is distracted by other things they want to finish today
[14:42] WolfPup Lowenhar: bug i just found has to do with slient highres to disc
[14:42] Cummere Mayo: lol not me. just having viewer issues
[14:42] Aleric Inglewood: Me neither.. in fact, I cannot do anything anymore.
[14:42] Oz Linden: Nyx is in crunch mode at the moment
[14:43] Latif Khalifa: Merov, I've been adding SNOW-77 bits to SimianGrid opensim grid backup
[14:43] JIRA helper:
[14:43] Latif Khalifa: the one that uses login param
[14:43] Merov Linden: cool!
[14:43] Latif Khalifa: looking forward to when the login param is supported by sg 1.x and 2.x
[14:43] Cummere Mayo: oz can you send one more time? Ive found a bug in 2.0 group invites
[14:43] Aleric Inglewood: I'm playing ut2004 all day, till someone fixes the windows problem :( ... I seriously considered buying a new PC with windows and I wasted many hours trying to install windows in a virtual machine.. but it's hopeless. I cannot do this myself :(
[14:44] Merov Linden: I suppose that's my cue to add the viewer part of SNOW-77 to Snowglobe :)
[14:44] Latif Khalifa: and to remember to add the login param bit of it to sg 1.x patch too :)
[14:44] Aleric Inglewood: I need/want SNOW-713 + SNOW-596 + SNOW-593 committed before I continue working on what will depend on that.
[14:44] JIRA helper:
[14:44] JIRA helper:
[14:44] Cummere Mayo: is there a jira for the fact that in 2.0 if chat invite fails cause of full groups it wont actually let you join once you clear a spot?
[14:45] Merov Linden: need to search Cummere
[14:45] Cummere Mayo: i am and not seeing anything
[14:45] Thickbrick Sleaford: is SNOW-77 waiting on Geyeda's contrib agreement?
[14:46] Merov Linden: Thickbrick: yes for the whole thing, no for the "SLE" part from Roxie
[14:46] Oz Linden: I have to leave a bit early today all... see you tomorrow
[14:46] WolfPup Lowenhar: tc oz
[14:46] Cummere Mayo: tc oz and thank you for the invite
[14:47] Latif Khalifa: see you oz... he's fast lol
[14:47] WolfPup Lowenhar: well he dose have a train to chatch
[14:47] Merov Linden: Aleric: on 713 596, 593, I haven't tried to build on Mac again
[14:47] Thickbrick Sleaford: BTW, yay! I finally managed to build Tofu's patch for SNOW-548 on 1.4... I can now see the agenda, just in time too...
[14:47] JIRA helper:
[14:47] Merov Linden: since my last comment
[14:47] Sculpted Sand Dune: Bijoux Vita has bought 'Sculpted Sand Dune' for L$ 175 from 'Vendor: Sculpted Sand Dune' located at New Vermont Enterprises -- Top Hats, Widgets and Gadgets in Brolga
[14:48] Merov Linden: please folks, feel free to commit to 1.4 and ask me to press the build button
[14:48] Merov Linden: I haven't built binaries as I've seen no significant commit in there in a while
[14:48] Thickbrick Sleaford: there are few commits since the last build in 1.4 now
[14:49] Thickbrick Sleaford: well, yes, nothing significant.
[14:49] Aleric Inglewood: Merov: It has to be fixed by a windows guru - the best developer with windows experience that we have, or even the only one with a chance?, is Robin... But I understand he's very busy... Still I'd like to know how long I'll have to wait, because I can't do much now.
[14:50] Merov Linden: k
[14:50] Merov Linden: I need to focus on finishing SG2.0 and move to SG2.1 now though
[14:51] Merov Linden: so all 1.4 work I can manage is ponctual
[14:51] Nicky Perian: Aleric is there a way to divide 713 in smaller parts. 90+ files touched from one patch can have a lot of error potential
[14:52] Cummere Mayo: can anyone here repo for me?
[14:52] JIRA helper: [#SNOW-723] Group invite fails to let you join groups when groups maxed even when you leave group
[14:53] Robin Cornelius: ok i've got to run as well for the moment, hopefully i can give Aleric a hand soon, i don't think we are that far off it working
[14:53] Aleric Inglewood: [23:51] <Aleric> the main question was if you are aware that I assigned to you
[14:53] JIRA helper: [#SNOW-704] SG 2.0.1 r3407 Crashes while downloading clothing on my account.
[14:54] Aleric Inglewood: NickyP: no, it cannot be made smaller - and I disagree that the number of changed fails is a measure for how error prone it is.
[14:54] Aleric Inglewood: files*
[14:55] Aleric Inglewood: It is more the number of 'fuzzy' changes that make it error prone, where fuzzy means an orthogonal (unrelated) change in the patch that one is not entirely sure of.
[14:56] Nicky Perian: ok agreed
[14:56] Aleric Inglewood: In this case I'm not sure of much, because it's windows :( ... I just looked at 2.0 and gambled. But MOST files are changed because it needed an LL_COMMON_API addition and that part is not error prone.
[14:56] Merov Linden: yeap, mechanical change almost
[14:57] Thickbrick Sleaford: BTW, that builds nicely on linux non-standalone, with the 2-line patch I attached there, but the resulting .so file doesn't get copied to packaged/lib/
[14:57] Thickbrick Sleaford: I guess that needs to be handles from
[14:58] Aleric Inglewood: I'd think that if it compiles and links - then it's ok. I did see some things though that makes me wonder if 2.0 is even ok. For example imho is llmessage linked twice too... the whole approach taken stinks. A LOT of code is loaded double in memory by SLPlugin alone imho, not to mention AGAIN for every new SLPlugin process.
[14:59] Aleric Inglewood: What we'd need is two shared libraries: one with all code that is common the viewer and to SLPlugin, and then one that is common to most of the plugins themselves.
[14:59] Aleric Inglewood: common to*
[14:59] Aleric Inglewood: What we HAVE one shared library that is common the to viewer and some invisible server.. :/
[14:59] Thickbrick Sleaford: that code first have to be factored out... I think Robin was workign on it
[14:59] Thickbrick Sleaford: (that code = the common code between the plugins)
[15:00] Nicky Perian: agood meeting today with technical interchange
[15:01] Aleric Inglewood: nicky: nyx is on irc now
[15:01] Merov Linden thought it was a tad quiet actually today
[15:01] Aleric Inglewood: [23:59] <nyx> would be interested to see what the value of data.mWearableType was
[15:01] Cummere Mayo: merov, you need me to stay behind and tty and test anything for you?
[15:02] Merov Linden: yu can look at: /order=DESC&sorter/field=priority&resolution=-1&pid=10100&fixfor=10571
[15:02] Merov Linden: and test bugs that have no patch and are not build related
[15:02] Merov Linden: for instance SNOW-516
[15:02] JIRA helper:
[15:02] Cummere Mayo: okay I'll check a few of these out then :)
[15:03] Cummere Mayo: notecard you my findings?
[15:03] Merov Linden: there's little data in there except "it freezes"
[15:03] Merov Linden: I hope you have a good crystal ball :)
[15:03] Merov Linden: better to comment *in* JIRA
[15:03] Thickbrick Sleaford: that one looks like it's early in the 2.0 cycle
[15:04] WolfPup Lowenhar: i found the orginal issue concerning high-res snapshots
[15:04] Merov Linden: so that the author sees the comments too
[15:04] Cummere Mayo: *nods* if i cant repo i assume you want me to tag em such so we can move on ?
[15:04] WolfPup Lowenhar: VWR-13630 is where it was croping but now it is going the other way
[15:04] JIRA helper:
[15:04] Aleric Inglewood: merov: does 2.0 have my sound fixes?
[15:04] Merov Linden: Cummere: yup,
[15:04] Thickbrick Sleaford: "Second Life 2.0.0 (202174) Feb 20 2010 11:56:43 (Second Life Beta" <--- old
[15:05] Cummere Mayo: good deal. i'll try and knock a few of these out then
[15:05] Merov Linden: Aleric: which ones? I did port some of your patches including sound fixes
[15:06] Aleric Inglewood: asking because SNOW-516 uses openAL and speaks of bad performance on linux
[15:06] Merov Linden: hmmm
[15:06] Merov Linden checks the recent log
[15:07] Aleric Inglewood: VWR-14914 originally
[15:07] JIRA helper:
[15:08] WolfPup Lowenhar: mervo when i make the 2.0 patch for snow-412 it is going to use the same time formatting that you sugested to me in snow-622
[15:08] JIRA helper:
[15:08] JIRA helper:
[15:09] Thickbrick Sleaford: I think my main concern about those 2 patches is how the UI is handled
[15:09] Thickbrick Sleaford: one of the good things about 2.0 is that it finally cleaned up the messy menues
[15:09] Merov Linden: Aleric: yes, in 2.0, svn r3365
[15:10] Merov Linden: was committed on May 19
[15:10] Thickbrick Sleaford: and both of those need a setting. I guess adding to the expanded view of the snapshot floater is not a big problem, as it's "advanced"
[15:11] WolfPup Lowenhar: i wish i could merg the menus to be more like windows menus and incorperate the navigation bar back into the top bar
[15:11] Thickbrick Sleaford: I think having the date of a saved jpeg file set in the EXIF metadata would be better.
[15:12] Thickbrick Sleaford: All file browsers can sort by exif tags now
[15:12] Merov Linden: so may be Aleric, that SNOW-516 freeze is no issue anymore thanks to your patch (that I ported to SG2.0)
[15:12] Thickbrick Sleaford: it's 2 bugs: slowness and freezing
[15:12] Cummere Mayo: snow 590 seems resoved for me
[15:13] Thickbrick Sleaford: SNOW-590 ?
[15:13] JIRA helper:
[15:13] Thickbrick Sleaford: that sounds like SVC issues...
[15:14] Cummere Mayo: was a channel issue but i think its been fixed on the subsequent versions
[15:14] Thickbrick Sleaford: oh
[15:14] Merov Linden: I can repro this :(
[15:14] Cummere Mayo: hmm
[15:14] Merov Linden: right now, I get no help in my dev version
[15:15] Thickbrick Sleaford: that's still a SVC/WEB issue - it should redirect to some default version if it doesn't recognize the channel
[15:15] Cummere Mayo: hmm im running a 2.0.1 build. and im getting the help just fine.
[15:15] Cummere Mayo: thick if its a svc issue do you have the ability to change it?
[15:16] Cummere Mayo: I dont
[15:16] Thickbrick Sleaford: me neither
[15:16] Thickbrick Sleaford looks at Merov...
[15:16] Merov Linden: ah... that's because you're running binaries created by the build system, they're using a channel that gets recognized at SVC
[15:16] Merov Linden: dev builds don't
[15:17] Merov Linden: I need to ping Rand on that
[15:17] Cummere Mayo: hmm send me a link to a dev build?
[15:18] Merov Linden: k, it's 3:17, I made a bet with myself I'll get under 30 bugs today
[15:18] Thickbrick Sleaford: did you win?
[15:18] Latif Khalifa: hehe
[15:18] Merov Linden: no, but the day is not over yet
[15:18] Cummere Mayo: oaky ill leave 590 alone for the time being yet, and move on :)
[15:18] Merov Linden: so I'm going to try to make good on that :)
[15:19] Merov Linden: c u guys!
[15:19] Thickbrick Sleaford: cu
[15:19] Latif Khalifa: see you merov, have fun :)

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