Pathfinding Quick Start Guide

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Begin by naming all objects in your region! A list of objects named "Object" is not helpful

You will need to use the linkset tools to change the pathfinding attributes of the objects on your region to improve region performance! See a the Visual_Guide_to_Pathfinding for more help.

By default, all objects are set to Walkable (terrain), Movable Obstacle, or Movable Phantom (phantom objects). You will need to set walls, trees, fences, etc to Static Obstacle. Set floors and other areas that need to be walkable to Walkable.

Don't forget to click apply! Then FREEZE your changes for the navigation mesh to update.

  • Terrain is always set to walkable. To prevent characters from entering areas of the terrain, use an Exclusion Volume
  • All objects that you want pathfinding characters to walk upon will need to be set to walkable in the Linkset tools window. Build > Pathfinding.
  • You will need to Unfreeze before you can make any linkset changes to objects. Basic Setup > Unfreeze.
  • Pathfinding Character orientation will always be positive X.
  • All objects that are NOT going to be set to walkable should be set according to need:

Walls, fences, trees, gates etc. - Static Obstacle

Movable doors, swinging gates, scripted moving objects that pathfinding characters cannot pass through - Movable Obstacle

Objects that you want ignored by the pathfinding characters - Movable Phantom

Avatars can move through or on, pathfinding characters cannot (this is also good for trouble spots where characters consistently get stuck) - Exclusion Volume

  • Remember to Apply your linkset object attributes, or the setting won't stick.
  • Freeze your changes (edit/test window) to queue the regeneration of the navmesh and "bake" in the changes you have made. The text will change to "Navmesh is up to date" when it's finished.
  • Use the Show: navmesh tick box (and the world tickbox) to view the navmesh wireframe and see where you may need to make changes. If you have aqua/blue wireframe lines, you have walkable areas.

For the beta you'll need to disable (or make phantom) objects that change scale, volume parameters, or positon/rotation of child prims to get acceptable sim performance. For help tracking down problems use:

  • Estate tools: Get top colliders and Get top scripts.
  • Pathfinding Linkset tools: search for the name of the object and teleport to it, take, delete, take copy, or turn on a beacon.

Full Pathfinding tools information can be found here.

A quick guide to Good Building Practices can be found here.

Find helpful Pathfinding scripts here.

The Navigation Mesh explained here.