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This guide is a collection of officially verified building practices for moderate to advanced creators that result in efficient, high performance creations in Second Life. If you are new to building in Second Life, please check out the Knowledge Base.

Featured Article

Mesh and LOD

Learn how to create efficient and attractive mesh content without overtaxing your visitors' hardware or Second Life's physics engine.

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  • SL Animation Tutorial Videos
  • How to retrofit an existing home to work with Pathfinding
  • "Hidden" performance costs
  • Holistic Pathfinding Management - Strategies for managing large numbers of pathfinding objects.






Sculpted Prims


Resident contributions awaiting official approval

If you'd like to contribute some of your own best practices for efficient content creation, please link to them in this section so that Linden Lab subject matter experts can verify them before they are added to the official guide.

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