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French UI Translation Update

Reference: How_to_Localize_Your_World

Second Life 1.18.5 (3) Nov 28 2007 14:04:29

Files in both xui/en-us and xui/fr:

Only updated files are listed here.

Seuls les fichiers mis à jour sont listés ici.

floater_about.xml UPDATED

floater_animation_preview.xml UPDATED

floater_avatar_picker.xml UPDATED

floater_buy_contents.xml UPDATED

Files xui/en-us not in xui/fr:

These files have been added to the us project but NOT to the fr project.

Ces fichiers ont été ajoutés au projet us mais PAS au projet fr.

Only in en-us: LCD_text.xml

Only in en-us: floater_active_speakers.xml ADDED

Only in en-us: floater_audio_volume.xml

Only in en-us: floater_chatterbox.xml

Only in en-us: floater_device_settings.xml

Only in en-us: floater_inspect.xml

Only in en-us: floater_instant_message_ad_hoc.xml

Only in en-us: floater_instant_message_group.xml

Only in en-us: floater_joystick.xml

Only in en-us: floater_lagmeter.xml

Only in en-us: floater_landmark_ctrl.xml

Only in en-us: floater_lsl_guide.xml

Only in en-us: floater_my_friends.xml

Only in en-us: floater_preview_classified.xml

Only in en-us: floater_preview_event.xml

Only in en-us: floater_preview_url.xml

Only in en-us: floater_select_key.xml

Only in en-us: floater_sim_release_message.xml

Only in en-us: floater_test.xml

Only in en-us: floater_voice_wizard.xml

Only in en-us: menu_slurl.xml

Only in en-us: panel_audio.xml

Only in en-us: panel_audio_device.xml

Only in en-us: panel_friends.xml

Only in en-us: panel_groups.xml

Only in en-us: panel_master_volume.xml

Only in en-us: panel_preferences_LCD.xml

Only in en-us: panel_preferences_voice.xml

Only in en-us: panel_preferences_web.xml

Only in en-us: panel_voice_enable.xml

Only in en-us: panel_voice_options.xml

Only in en-us: panel_voice_remote.xml

Only in en-us: teleport_strings.xml

Files xui/fr not in xui/en-us:

These files have been removed from the us project but NOT from the fr project.

Ces fichiers ont été supprimés du projet us mais PAS du projet fr.

Only in fr: panel_settings_msgbox.xml

File made obsoleted after UI changes

floater_groups.xml REPLACED BY panel_groups.xml