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About Chantal Harvey:

Dutch machinimatographer and producer. I specialize in Real-time animation.

Background in TV – camera person, editor,( multi-) cam director, board member. Artschool – goldsmith, designer, painter. Filmschool – camera, edit (Adobe Premiere Pro, Screenplayer).

As a filmmaker, educator and professional editor I am charmed by the possibilities for film within Second Life. My first machinima (computer generated filming) was made in 2007 - and now (after over 200 productions) I can say that my passion for it has grown, as has my profesional approach.

Machinima in my opinion stands for innovation, it is the "next level" in filmmaking. A new world, the future. It's Art.

Machinima works have already been recognized at Cannes and other big international festivals. Machinima's are finding their way into the cinemas of the world. The 48 Hour Film Project has welcomed machinima as one of their cities, and this important filmcontest including virtual filmmaking is a mayor step.

In 2008 I started my own machinima festival - the MaMachinima Int. Festival - that invites people from all platforms and games to submit and showcase their best work. It is an annual festival, happening in Amsterdam (NL), and in Second Life. During the showing of the machinima, the creater stands on stage (rl and/or sl) and answers questions from the audience after the film. Info about the festival is to be found on this website: [1]. MMIF - MaMachinima Int. Festival, is a non profit organisation, and not a contest.

I strive to bring machinima to the world. To archieve this, I started several project and support groups, and the above mentioned MMIF gives people a chance to showcase their work internationally. I also started producing the 48 Hour Film Project for machinima, working hard to ensure the best possible conditions for machinimatograhpers. Peter Greenaway, the award winning filmmaker, was head of jury in 2010, and Tony Dyson, the R2-D2 man, is head of jury 2011. As a member of the LEA - Linden Endowment of the Arts, I am representing the art of machinima, hoping to give many a platform. LEA organises a monthly Month of Machinima celebration called MoM,

I am now focussing on Scissores, the Real Time Animation production house by Tony Dyson and Chantal Harvey. We produce cutting edge films, aiming to raise the standards and focussing on education, films and e-books:

Some archiefments:

  • Founder and producer of the MaMachinima Int. Festival:
  • Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project for Machinima:
  • Owner of
  • with Tony Dyson:
  • Speaker at IBC Amsterdam 2009 - Gaming and Beyond
  • Speaker at Metameets Amsterdam and Dublin:
  • Atopic Festival Audience Award winner 2009
  • Creator of the 1minART series leading up to a 100 minute documentory of Art in VR
  • Member of LEA - Linden Endowment for the Arts, curator of MoM (Month of Machinima)
  • Co-founder of MachinimaMondays, with Phaylen Fairchild and Toxic Menges
  • Realisator of over 200 machinima's made in Second Life, in every possible genre
  • SLEDV solution provider
  • Manager for the UWA theater in Second Life

Video accounts:

social media: