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:[[AWG: Core simulator exploration]]
:[[AWG: Core simulator exploration]]
:[[AWG: Cross Domain Trust issues]]

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Greetings, I'm an active participant in the Architecture Working Group, an active resident, and an Employee of IBM. This does not not mean, I speak for IBM, except when I very specifically state that I'm doing so. Most of the time, I do not, although clearly my employment affects various of my opinions. If you want to talk to me, I'm in world most of the time, and catch e-mail for SL at zha.ewry@gmail.com.

Participant in Architecture Working Group. See User:Zha Ewry/comments on meeting 1 for comments on this subject.

AWG musings

This is a bucket where I toss some ideas I am exploring. Comments deeply appreciated, these are not public consensus pages.

AWG: state melding exploration
AWG: Core simulator exploration
AWG: Cross Domain Trust issues