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Changes how text chat appears and is arranged.

Font size   Choose Small, Medium, or Large size text chat.
Play typing animation when chatting

  By default when typing in nearby chat, your avatar's arms move and there's a typing sound. Uncheck this to disable those effects. This only affects you.
Email me IMs when I'm offline

  Sends instant messages in email to the address specified in Your Contact Information on For caveats, see Limits.
Keep a conversation log and transcripts

  Choose whether or not to keep a conversation log and transcripts of previous conversations.
Bubble Chat   Display chat text in word bubbles above avatars.
Notifications   For each type of conversation that can appear in the CONVERSATIONS window, you may choose a notification behavior:
  • Open Conversations window - Opens the CONVERSATIONS window every time a message is received.
  • Pop up the message - Displays the message briefly on the screen.
  • Flash toolbar button - Flashes the Chat button on the main toolbar when you a receive a message.
  • None - Do nothing when a new message is received.

Play sound   Choose when to play a sound from the CONVERSATIONS window. You may choose from:
  • New conversation
  • Incoming voice call
  • Teleport offer
  • Inventory offer

Translation Settings   Click to set or change machine translation settings for chat text.
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