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Transcript for Monday January 9, 2012

[10:01] Wiener Blut Hi all together
[10:01] Dee Kass hi everyone
[10:01] Xiola Linden Hello everyone
[10:01] Counter Landfall Hi Viale, hi everyone
[10:01] Counter Landfall and Happy New Year to all
[10:02] only in sl Happy New Yeal all
[10:02] only in sl New Year!
[10:02] JeZeBeLe Dagger its almost chinese new year of the black water dragon
[10:02] JeZeBeLe Dagger excitement
[10:02] Evelynn Kidd bonne année
[10:02] Dee Kass Happy 2012 to all as wel
[10:02] Innula Zenovka hi, Xiola, Viale.. happy new year
[10:02] Xiola Linden Happy 2012
[10:02] Wiener Blut yeah happy new year lets see if the Maya prophecy means SL too ; )
[10:03] JeZeBeLe Dagger silvanus yes indeed! lol end of a era beginning of a new one
[10:03] only in sl We have 6 agenda items: 1. Category Suggestion - Shopping
[10:04] only in sl I willl move into the agenda
[10:04] only in sl Categories
[10:05] only in sl We discussed last time the idea of changing the categories on the adult forum and 2 suggestions came in from the group
[10:05] Dee Kass I posted Adult Employment twice
[10:05] Dee Kass suggested *
[10:06] only in sl We decided that creating a 2nd shopping category was probably not a good idea
[10:06] only in sl as it is already in commerce
[10:07] Innula Zenovka yeah, but when someone posted in the Commerce one about wanting to find some adult stuff, it got removed
[10:07] Xiola Linden From the previous onversations about categories in Adult, it seemed like most felt it would further marginalize the larger community
[10:07] Innula Zenovka that's why i suggested having an adult one
[10:07] Counter Landfall sounds like a moderation issue
[10:07] Xiola Linden at this time, the adult forums are covered by the same guidelines as all forums
[10:07] Counter Landfall should be solvable
[10:08] Innula Zenovka well, in that case, would someone have a word with the moderators? cos i can't see why else the particular question i answered was removed, and i'm wondering if there are others that have similarly gone
[10:08] only in sl we discussed employment last time
[10:08] only in sl That is also a redundant category
[10:09] only in sl we have inworld employment
[10:09] Dee Kass I missed it apparently however too many teens are posting wanting jobs
[10:09] Xiola Linden i can check into it, Innula. There may have been another issue if you didn't receive a note from the moderator
[10:09] only in sl it may have been moved to shopping/commerce
[10:09] Dee Kass & applying to Adult positions
[10:10] only in sl The next item is Zexpo
[10:10] Innula Zenovka Please,Xiola .. it was something I replied to, and I didn't get a note, so i assume it was the actual question that was removed (I don't think it was moved)
[10:10] Counter Landfall What about Announcment category?
[10:10] Counter Landfall ... did I miss that?
[10:10] Xiola Linden if you could PM any details you recall to help me find the thread, that would be appreciated.
[10:10] Innula Zenovka will do
[10:11] Xiola Linden thanks
[10:11] JeZeBeLe Dagger thank you for following up with Innulas request
[10:11] only in sl counter - could announcements be collapsed into events?
[10:11] Counter Landfall not really
[10:12] Xiola Linden Counter - what is the specific clutter that you were referring to? It is items that should be posted elsewhere? like Upcoming Events?
[10:12] Counter Landfall there sems to be a lot of announcments that are not events
[10:12] only in sl I see like meetings?
[10:12] Counter Landfall like someone have made s wonder ful video, or a group has something they want to announce
[10:12] Counter Landfall could be mettings
[10:13] Counter Landfall too much of this goes into general discussion, but it snot really discussion material
[10:14] only in sl I think we could consider replacing welcome with announcements
[10:14] only in sl for videos
[10:14] Qie that sounds promising
[10:14] Counter Landfall that could work
[10:14] only in sl that would probably go into creation
[10:15] Xiola Linden I think the distinction might not be clear initially, but it could work
[10:15] only in sl ok - zexpo
[10:15] only in sl any zexpo attendees here?
[10:15] Evelynn Kidd yes
[10:16] Evelynn Kidd i was there
[10:16] only in sl Evelyn - are you a group officer
[10:16] Evelynn Kidd no
[10:16] only in sl any group officers?
[10:16] only in sl ok
[10:16] JeZeBeLe Dagger I helped with Zindra Expo 2009 I coordinated education
[10:16] only in sl We need to setup a separate meeting with Zexpo group
[10:17] Evelynn Kidd ginette is online if you want me to call her
[10:17] Counter Landfall she just posted in the forum about pointless meeting...
[10:17] only in sl We need to make zexpo a Resident run group and remove any special land rights from the group
[10:17] Counter Landfall sounds like the right thing to do
[10:17] Evelynn Kidd a seperate meeting would be better
[10:18] only in sl the fair thing to do
[10:18] Qie hmmm. I'm not finding zexpo in search of groups
[10:18] JeZeBeLe Dagger Counter I disagree she wants to create a event community network.. Viale that needed to be done at every event when it was over lol.
[10:18] only in sl we wiill coordinate a meeting with the zepo officers
[10:18] JeZeBeLe Dagger I certainly agree Viale lol
[10:19] only in sl ok moving onto 4. Third form of communication
[10:19] only in sl This is Ginnette's item
[10:19] only in sl she is not here
[10:19] only in sl moving onto 5
[10:20] only in sl chnage of founder for the Adult Vortex sandbox
[10:20] only in sl This is a ginette item
[10:20] only in sl 6. DG Kiosks
[10:20] JeZeBeLe Dagger I found a teenager in the adult vortex
[10:20] JeZeBeLe Dagger i dont even think he was 10 years old
[10:20] only in sl Report that to Support
[10:21] JeZeBeLe Dagger it was reported by RHN
[10:21] JeZeBeLe Dagger yes
[10:21] Evelynn Kidd then she was not a teenage
[10:21] only in sl So we talked about DG Kiosks
[10:22] only in sl We have decided to put Linden effort into making the Destination floater in the SL viewer more flexible to have an adult category and others
[10:22] Counter Landfall Counter Landfall listening
[10:23] only in sl There was an agenda item that is missing - age verification
[10:23] only in sl It is still a challenge
[10:24] Dee Kass yes
[10:24] only in sl We will work with the user experience team to make this easier
[10:24] Dee Kass the kids lie
[10:24] only in sl its painfule to be inworld, jump to the web, close viewer and restart
[10:24] JeZeBeLe Dagger Since the teen merge i havent felt protected to sell adult items in world.
[10:25] Counter Landfall every day I have residents having been in SL over 1000 days seeking info on how to verify in my age verify info zone.
[10:25] Counter Landfall why?
[10:25] Nal Restarting the viewer is a pain. I suspect some fail to realize a restart is needed.
[10:25] Wiener Blut at all, its the parents who are responsible for the kids to not consume Adult stuff
[10:25] only in sl Agree age verification has improved, but we need to make easier
[10:25] Qie back on the DG kiosks thing -- the viewer category stuff but *not* any rezzed-in-world DG content (other than pointing shared media at a web version of the viewer stuff) ?
[10:25] Counter Landfall incorporate into signup process for all new residents
[10:26] JeZeBeLe Dagger you can say that. I dont trust it. i dont trust my liability tojust be remidied by blaming others for children purchasing my items. nope.
[10:26] only in sl going back in forth in the application is a clumsy experience
[10:26] Counter Landfall New meny item on Help in the viewer, pointing directly to the page?
[10:27] Counter Landfall menu*
[10:27] only in sl Ok = those are the agenda items for today. Any question on those items
[10:27] Dee Kass plus when an Adult tries to TP to a age verified needed area they get lost trying to verify
[10:27] only in sl I hear you Dee
[10:28] only in sl We will make the experience better
[10:28] Qie yes, sorry, I tried to ask about the DG stuff. Good to hear about the viewer categories, but does that mean we won't be getting any way to see DG content on rezzed-in-world prims?
[10:28] Xiola Linden it's something we are looking into ways to make improvements on, so thank you for the ideas (age verification)
[10:28] Dee Kass Yes I perused the last meeting notes & it seems Adult employment was left for duscusion @ a later time
[10:29] Nal When a non-age ver uses the map in several viewers that is no error message. The tp button stays gray. No help is given. TPV's are really bad about that.
[10:29] only in sl We will make the effort in the viewer for now.
[10:29] Qie okay, thanks Viale. I'll let that drop for now, then.
[10:29] Martin RJ I'd prefer something like the blogger content warning
[10:30] only in sl Qie - its not a bad idea, but we think the priority is in the viewer
[10:30] Qie understood.
[10:30] Xiola Linden @Dee - we did touch on it and it was the feeling that doing a sep. category would isolate the group
[10:30] Martin RJ with a button 'I agree and wish to proceed' after reading in a popup about that the following content is only for 18+
[10:30] Dee Kass exactly to Adult
[10:31] only in sl Yes, we should look at existing web exampkes
[10:31] only in sl The way google treats it as well
[10:31] Dee Kass why is adult verify not offered at sign up?
[10:32] Dee Kass why leave it to them fiburing it out later?
[10:32] Xiola Linden @Dee in a negative way. Since the threads in adult are subject to the same terms as the non-adult areas, it may not have much benefit to isolate it to adult employment
[10:32] JeZeBeLe Dagger i think in world that would be advisable too. "yuo have landed in an adult age verified space, please check yes or no if you are 18 years or older."
[10:32] Dee Kass figuring*
[10:32] Innula Zenovka any progress on the DG misreporting the number of people present at some venues?
[10:32] Nal Google's blog notices are annoying. Seems there would be a better way.
[10:32] only in sl @Innula - that we will be part of the Viewer/Destinations work
[10:32] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:32] Counter Landfall @Jez, you can't ask after you have landed. The damage is already done for some then
[10:33] only in sl The DG needs to be better in the viewer
[10:33] only in sl The search implementation does not show sub categories
[10:34] only in sl If you guys have any more items, please feel free to contact or on the adult forum feedback
[10:34] only in sl Thanks for your time
[10:34] Counter Landfall ok, thanks
[10:34] JeZeBeLe Dagger thank you for the meeting
[10:35] Dee Kass bye everyone
[10:35] Qie Well, actually, in Search, there is an "Adults Only" category under Destination Guide... but the Destinations floater itself doesn't have an Adult category (but it does have Vampires, somehow)
[10:35] Evelynn Kidd thanks for your time only and xiola
[10:35] Xiola Linden thanks all! I'll keep an eye out for your PM, Innula
[10:35] Innula Zenovka thank you, viale and Xiola
[10:35] Qie Thanks Viale and Xiola